Ded Yampy/Steroid Abuse

Pete’s first fanzine Ded Yampy Issue 1 (A4) produced in Coventry and printed by  Better Badges (Hi Joly!) in London in 1980.

are you looking at my missus

dammers in the place

Ded Yampy Issue 2 (A4) produced in Coventry in 1980.


yampy tu tu

Steroid Abuse Issue 1 (A5) Camberwell, London 1996

mad man on steroids

1,2 1,2

Steroid Abuse Issue 2 (A5) Camberwell, London 1996

jimmy corkhill on one

carl cox in the place

Here’s some of the flyers from Steroid Abuse the club. Big respect to all involved, the DJ’s, the venues and all who came down and had a laugh with us many moons ago!  Big up to all the shoe off massive! Do look forward to our 50 year celebrations in years to come.

Click on an image to zoom in, my friend.

respect to ALL of the shoes off massive

ooh get you!londons gurningbus driverswatch me barnetdome to go toSteroid Abuse - club night flyersteroid abuse - the club flyer - it's on first nightsteroid abuse london club flyernever been to bluewater - steroid abuse the club flyersteroid abuse london club flyer

a night inside steroid abuse london club flyer

steroid abuse london club night time travel special

sunday pub lunch special- steroid abuse bestival flyer

steroid abuse london club flyer

steroid abuse london club flyer

final steroid

Weeds Up To Me Knees musical events

Saturday flyer


 #Steroidabuse  #Dedyampy


5 thoughts on “Ded Yampy/Steroid Abuse

  1. Jeeze, i’d forgotten about the shoes off! Brilliant! Cheers Pete…looking forward to the 50th reunion!! The slippers off massive will be there..

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