36 degrees in the (South East) shade

Big shout to the great Mungo’s Hi-Fi for this one, Disastrous dub” (available on a lovely 7″ with a nice sleeve by the way, from Scotch Bonnet here.) It’s the b side of their tune with Shanti D & Ranking Levy called Total Disaster which is a killer too.

Let’s hope there’ll be no disasters in the garden today, apart from knocking over that cup of tea while enjoying another gardening tea break. Tune!

Cos’ the city is too hot

kalebHere’s one great mix from DJ Khalab as played on Tom Ravenscroft the other week. To quote his bandcamp his music is “an ongoing round trip journey between tribes and psyche, desert and spaceships, jungle and skyscrapers.” This mix is one mad (coach) journey to say the least!

The mix is available here for another few weeks, listen soon before it disappears! Here’s what’s on it:

1. Dj Khalab & Dj Hendrix – 6THPRLL
2. Owiny Sigoma Band (DJ Khalab Remix) – Too Hot
3. Konono No.1– Kinsumba
4. Space Diaspora – OY (Clap Clap Remix)
5. Tam Tam Tam Reimagined – Maos A Obra
6. Machinedrum – Lewasi

cos the city is too hotOne to whack out of the backroom windows loud on any evening this week coming as it’s “gonna be a heatwave” or so BBC weather says. So keep them plants a watered!

Monday evensong

Heard this belter last night on the Rt Hon David Rodigan show. It’s from Cut La Vis ft Peppery called Festival on NICE UP! records (available as free download above.) We love this tune and it’s been on replay all day at Weeds HQ!

It uses a sample from Jackie EdwardsThis is another festival, the U-Roy toast, Heavy duty festival is one of our all-time top tunes after finding it in a charity shop in Coventry for 10p in the late 70’s on a very scratched Grounation 7″.

massive sunflowers

The Cut La Vis tune was on loud while we fed the garden this evening with (un)sweet smelling comfrey liquid whilst picking off snails who are threatening to have the flower buds off our ebay bought 15ft Giant Mongolian Sunflowers (er, they’re at 7ft at the moment but we won’t quibble at that!)

Never mind the snails and smelly comfrey liquid, big up NICE UP! records for this summer cracker!

Weeds on the wire

Socialism train

Socialism Train – 19 in a socialist reggae style

Big thanks to Steve Barker from the excellent On The Wire on BBC Radio Lancashire for supplying this ace reggae chart for us. On The Wire has been playing the best in reggae, dub, electronica, ambient and all sorts of eclectic business weekly for over 30 years and is available Saturday midnight here and available on listen again here.

So here’s the tunes and there’s some crackers on here. If the tune is not featured, click on the links to view on youtube.

Cheers again to Steve for the chart, shouts to Fenny and Jim at On The Wire too. Keep up the good work!

1. Ethiopians – Socialism Train
2. The Mighty Diamonds – I need a roof

3. The Heptones – Equal rights
4. Peter Tosh – Get up, stand up
5. Burning Spear – Social living
6. Abyssinians – This Land is for everyone

7. Derrick Morgan – People’s decision
8. Max Romeo – Socialism is love

9. Dillinger – Crashie First Socialist

10. King Tubby – Big Youth King Tubby fights against capitalism
11. Freddie McGregor – I’m a revolutionist
12. The Youths – We a socialist (version)
13. Prince Jazzbo – Step forward youth

14. Jeb Loy Nicholls – To be rich (Should be a crime)
15. Still Cool – To be poor is a crime
16. Johnny Clarke – Declaration of rights
17. I Roy – Every mouth must be fed
18. Gregory Isaacs – Working class

19. Screechy Dan – Raise Your Glass Fi Di Working Class

I can see clearly now

Empty patchesHere’s a pic of a bare patch of earth down the bottom of the back garden. Up until last week that area was piled high full of cuttings and prunings collected over a few years (including two years worth of christmas trees no less.) Now thanks to Lewisham Council’s new garden refuse bin filled over a four week period, it’s all gone. Result!

To celebrate this historic achievement here’s two tunes. The first is a super piece of electronica from Niccolò Cupo called Panta Relics I (Luv*Jam Xylo Remix) heard on Jose Padilla’s Essential Selection from last year (a great mix by the way, available here.)

The second is the other side of Beam Up’s Gerrup (that was played on the excellent BBC Radio Lancashire show On The Wire a few weeks ago.) Vibin’ is a cracker out on the recently discovered 45Seven label (one well worth looking into/hearing on their soundcloud here.) Big up the brown garden refuse bin!


Rebel without a greenhouse

kirk brandon rockThe last post about Bauhaus reminded us of a gig many moons ago in Birmingham when they supported Theatre Of Hate. While the headline band were playing, we could see from the circle above there was some sort of chaos developing in front of the stage. A man in distress was frantically shouting at Kirk Brandon but couldn’t be heard through the roaring din of the band playing their garden fire classic “Incinerator.”

Were people getting crushed? Could somebody be seriously injured down there? Kirk Brandon waved his hands to the band to stop playing immediately, the tune coming to a crashing halt, the band members and the audience wondering what the hell was going on.

There was now silence in the venue, the worried punter shouted again and was picked up by the lead singer’s microphone and his voice relayed throughout the venue. “Kirk, Kirk, I’ve lost me shoe. Can you see it from up there?”

Mr Brandon didn’t see the funny side and carried on with the set visibly fed up (after being upstaged by a single-shoe wearing punter.) I always wonder if that bloke ever found his piece of footwear.

Pic above: A stone originally found on the beach at Camber Sands rediscovered while cleaning up around the pond a few years ago (left.) What a ringer for Kirk’s band’s logo eh? (right.)

(Pete) Murphy’s Law

This week the above tune was discovered after a discussion at work about the band Bauhaus. It’s called Salahadeen by Jajouka Sound System which was a project by Dub Gabriel and Bachir Attar, leader of the Master Musicians of Jajouka plus one David J of Bauhaus.

I honestly never knew this at the time about Bauhaus and their love of Reggae: “How big an influence was reggae on the development of Bauhaus’s music? PM: Massive. We were listening to toasting music all the time, and David brought in a lot of bass lines that were very lead riffs. You can see how those basslines really formed the basis of the music, especially on Mask. We were more aligned to The Clash than anything else that was going around. We had no idea how to play reggae, but that was to our advantage because we expanded on that.” (from an interview with Pete Murphy here.)

And tonight on Youtube we found a lo-fi version of Salahadeen from Keith Levene which has a guitar hook around 0.51 for a minute or so (before it goes off on a tangent) that’s very very reminiscent of PIL’s “Poptones.”

Isn’t it funny what you find out through a discussion at work…