Raking it in

Saturday was a lovely day weather-wise and as part of our “little and often” regime we got on our hands and knees (and on one of those green kneelers) and tidied up the bed by the garage. We still don’t know if the dahlias we left in over winter will be okay but we’ll have to wait and see. The cabbages that we cut just the tops off and left to regrow are still growing and giving us leaves so don’t give them up for dead when you harvest them initially. If you keep a few leaves on the plant they’ll grow again, not massively but enough for some cabbage leaves to go with your Sunday dinner.

Sadly we had a fish fatality this morning so after a quick burial, the pond’s fountain was put back in, the oxygenating plants thinned out and the remaining fish fed. We think we may also have a leak in there so after topping the pond up a little we will be keeping our eyes on it.

And finally we gave the lawn it’s first cut of the season utilising the Westminster Council spring grass cutting (WCSGC) method. Mow it once on the longest cut, then a medium cut and then after that give it a right old short cut. We know it’s longwinded and a pain but it sure beats the mower getting stuck and leaving some nasty looking marks on the grass that’ll take a while to recover. Here’s to some sunshine and a little rain this week to get the grass off to a good start.

Rising to the top

It’s only been around a week and the seeds on the kitchen windowsill are now starting to germinate. How good is that? The plastic tray and cover that gets dumped at the bottom of the garden for most of the winter is well valuable for starting off the plants indoors, then as the spring progresses we move the plastic cover over seeds we’ve sowed outside so it’s worth its weight in gold.

The first to show their heads are the Longest Leek trial seeds we got free from Medwyn’s, we are hoping they’ll be of the Jack and the Beanstalk type variety but they cost us nothing so we’re happy of whatever we’ll get. Next to them are some Chamomile which we’ve never grown before and we’re trying Dyer’s Chamomile too. It’s good to experiment in the garden! Best of luck to everyone who’s also sowing stuff, send us in your pics and we’ll post them up!


Spring has sprung!

It looks like spring has spung, even though it’s a bit dark and drizzly today but yesterday’s weather was great and combined with having a day off work a couple of gardening jobs were undertaken.

We popped out first thing and got some seeds (spring onions and cut and come again lettuce) and some seed onions and garlic from Shannon’s. It may be a tad early in the season but we put a couple of rows of the onions and garlic in one of the raised beds and now hoping for the best.

People argue that they’re both so cheap in the shops so why grow them? It’s always handy to have some garlic in the garden so you don’t have to pop out to the supermarket if you ever need a bulb and fresh onions are near enough translucent when you pick them.

Also we actually applied some teak oil to a wooden sun lounger. Whilst buyng the oil we asked “How often should you be applying the oil?” “As a rule every six months” we were told. It’s been more than ten years, so that’s why the bench was soaking the stuff up! We know now. Pots of herbs were tidied up and dead wood cut off and then they had a good dosing of comfrey liquid. That should start them off on the right foot as they say.

We had a great time being out there and we look forward to more sessions out the back!

(We need) more gardening related music!

A big thanks to Justin Patrick Moore for sending us another gardening themed music recommendation, this time a nice chilled beat-driven set from Emapea out of Poland called Seeds, Roots and Fruits.

So get those old plant pots cleaned out with some washing up liquid and warm water, give them a good dry out and then fill them with seed compost and make a start of this season’s seeds whilst this collection of tunes are on the hi-fi!

(We need) more dub on the radio!

A big thanks to Jesse Yuen for letting us know about some dub happenings from 22nd – 28th February 2021 on RTM.FM Thamesmead here. It’s a week long celebration of soundsystem culture under the name of Original Selector!

Tonight at 8pm UK/UTC will be Jesse’s North of the River Swan show with a Jungle special. Tune in via the website, go to the top left hand corner and click “Live” and you’ll be treated to all sorts of subsonic bass frequencies! Looks like it’s going to be a great week!

Also we were very chuffed to be asked to select an LP (which would be played in its entirety on air) that sums up “soundsystem” for us. For us it had to be classic Dreadlocks Dread from Big Youth.

Tune in to RTM.FM this week for some serious sound system business!

Here’s some great footage of 1970’s Jamaica alongside the excellent track “Train to Rhodesia”.

Here’s some great footage of 2017’s Lewisham alongside the great Youth himself!

Easy, take it easy

We were raring to go Saturday morning, the weather was going to be nice and there was so much to do out in the garden but we were forgetting one thing, it was only a couple of weeks ago we were suffering with sciatica so we had to take it easy.

We had six bags of compost delivered by Shannon’s thinking that’ll be more than enough. It was gone before we knew it and we could have done with six more to be honest. Even lifting one bag of compost was tiring so we really had to take it easy on the Saturday so we tidied up the bed by the dad corner, taking out the odd cabbage and old beetroot and filling up the raised beds to a nice depth of compost (pic above – before we started).

For one of the raised beds last year we used garden soil (we ran out of multipurpose compost) which wasn’t as good as the compost filled ones that you could put your hand in to see if there was any spuds forming on the potato plants there. You can’t do that with our London clay soil. so we dug that out and put compost in.

Today we got up early and started off a few seeds in an old propagator which was collecting leaf mould and soil at the bottom of the garden but after a wash was ready to go and now on the kitchen windowsill. We sowed a couple of different types of chillies, thyme, basil, chamomile, dyers chamomile and Medwyn’s free gift earlier this year, some “Trial seed longest Leeks” (pic below). We’ll keep you posted.

We also stuck some polythene on top of the raised beds (pic above) as we did last year and will give the soil a couple of weeks to warm up before trying a couple of seed potatoes in very early. The season has started for us now. Has anyone else made a start on the garden this weekend? If so let us know and send us some pics.

And for no reason at all, a couple of King Tubby’s dubplate mixes that we’d put up before and no doubt put up again.

About the weather

We’ve just found out that it’s supposedly going to be sunny and 16° this Saturday, how mad is that? And it was only a couple of weeks ago we had snow!

There’s also signs of life in the herb pots we started off (above: Basil) using the indoor house plant compost as we don’t want to invite those fungus gnats back into the house. We were told that the supermarket bought herb plants also have been known to house the critters. Fingers crossed we don’t get the small clouds of them this year as we’ve had in the past.

We popped into Shannon’s this week and got a few bags of compost for the raised beds in the back, more indoor houseplant compost for starting off some seeds (as we don’t want to take any chances!) and some seed potatoes which are presently chitting by the window in the back room. There’s the argument that chitting don’t do that much as they’ll grow anyway but we’ve done it for a few years now and they always seem to help the plants get a good start. We may also use the “cut ’em in half” technique to get twice as many potato plants to plant. More on the process of chitting here. Here’s to the start of the gardening season.

And here’s a nice and melllow tune from Sum Total called Bakery for a Thursday evening in lockdown.

DJ Daddy, The

We at Weeds were very saddened to hear the news of the passing of the DJ Daddy, U Roy earlier today. Years and years ago we picked up a scratched copy of Jump For Joy/This is Another Festival on the Grounation label for 10p at John’s Second-hand shop in Hillfields, Coventry in 1978 and it went on from there…

Here’s a couple of our favourite clips of the great man that have cheered us up over the years. Some nice threads he’s wearing there too!

And here’s a piece of musical history, a recording of U Roy on King Tubby’s Hi-Fi in Kingston, Jamaica from 1975. Be warned the quaility makes some of our “3 out of 10” punk cassettes in the loft sound like sensurround sound! RIP the great U Roy!

KDUBBING is a must

News just in of an hour’s dub special on the shortwaves in a few weeks time in the form of  KDUB. It’ll be broadcast on 9670 kHz at 1200 utc/uk on Sunday 7th March and repeated the same time a week later. There’s a mix from One Deck Pete called “In Dub for KDUB” alongside other surprises of a version kind.

Don’t worry if you don’t possess one of those shortwave radios you can always tune in here “at the allotted time” as they say on the radio. Tune in and dub out…

It’s too cold to germinate

Big shout to our gardening friend from across the pond Justin Patrick Moore for sending us a picture of his garden in Cincinnati from the other day after some snow. We’ve had snow here in London but nothing like this. If you’d like to see his garden pre snow have a look here.

Justin mentioned he was enjoying the snow but was starting now to think about what kind of tomato seeds to start sprouting for spring. Hence the tune he sent with the pic, a dub of “Don’t touch my Tomato” by the great Phillis Dillon and Tommy McCook & The Supersonics.

Have you started thinking of seed to sow yet? We have some pots on the kitchen windowsill that are still dormant as it’s still so cold and a pot of germinated leggy coriander that is looking sorry for itself. Talking about coriander our good gardening friend Gerry Hectic mentioned Mexican coriander, culantro (more info here) the other day. Ever heard of it? It may be worth looking into.

Also this week we found a nice compilation from a few years ago compiled by Laut & Luise out of Cologne called Music Lovers Club #002. It’s worth a listen during these cold times!