There’s a duck in my fishpond (what I’m a gonna do?)

We’ve got a small pond at the bottom of the garden and as there’s no electricity supply down there, there’s no pump, so the quality of the water can be something to be desired at the best of times but there’s a few goldfish in there and they don’t seem to mind.

Yesterday around lunchtime looking out of the kitchen window, I saw our cat fly down the garden path towards the pond frantically and I was sure I saw something bobbing about on the top of the water. On closer inspection it turns out it was a duck, how mad is that? Duck Rock_3I originally thought to shoo it out as I reckoned it would probably half-inch the fish that’s in there but as the picture below shows it weren’t bothered, but rather preferred their food which was floating on the top of the pond.

The cat wasn’t too keen on it being in the garden but the duck didn’t seem to care, as at one point it went to sleep in the middle of the pond while our feline friend was on the side, fuming!duck rock_1The duck stayed in there for over two hours before flying off in the direction of Catford and to the relief of the cat who for a long while later, stood guard at the side of the water waiting for it’s return. I tell you what, the water was a good deal cleaner when it flew off. Big up the South London duck!Duckrock_2

Rocksteady fridge magnet of the week

Rocksteady partyToday I popped into an excellent exhibition in Soho after our friend Izzy in Whitstable heard it advertised on BBC Radio London last week and thought it might be up my street. It certainly was!

The exhibition is called ‘Record shops of Soho from 1946 to 1996′ and is at 2 Berwick St, London W1F ODR until the 20th April and open from 10 am to 7pm each day. The exhibition is a joint venture from Museum of Soho and The British Record Shop Archive.elton johnI was chatting to Leon from The British Record Shop Archive and it turned out I had met him when he had a record stall in Camberwell Market years ago. I recalled to him that the time I met him, he mentioned that he had in his collection, a great flyer to a “Rocksteady Party” from the late 60’s in Brockley he had found in a record sleeve.

In a remarkable coincidence this afternoon, he had on his person a copy of the flyer made into a fridge magnet (Main image). And what a magnet!  Love the tea stain too, well authentic!

He also told me that someone he knew actually popped to the address a couple of years ago to see if Stella was still there, to ask about the party and the reggae scene in South East London. Sadly the owners knew nothing of a Stella. Does anyone out there know Stella and who Chang’s Rocksteady Sound was?

So if you fancy seeing Soho record shop paraphernalia from yesteryear and vinyl related gear we at weeds implore you to go to the exhibition before it’s too late. Well worth it!

For how much longer do we tolerate no gardening

seed tray businessThe other morning I had a look at our good friend Scarlett’s great blog Heavenly Healer and was reading about her seeds now coming up (including cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and aubergines) and it’s nice to see someone else on the “twirly” tip!

I’ve started off some seeds in the back room in a cheap plastic propagator and they’re coming on slowly. Also every year I’ve a few leggy tomato plants sitting on the kitchen windowsill waiting to go out once the risk of frost has gone and this year is no different!Kitchen plantingThere’s one egg box of potatoes still chitting away merrily in the back room. Spring please come soon so we can do some gardening!chitting march 2015

It came from Shannon’s

EremurusThanks very much to the good folks at Shannon’s for getting back to us about  the unknown bulb in the last post and for sending us a picture. It turns out it’s Eremurus aka foxtail lilly or desert candle. Matthew Wilson mentioned in a piece in The Telegraph from 2003 (here) that “The plant grows away quickly, forming a rosette of blueish-green leaves up to 4ft high, from which the flower spike begins to rise during late April. By late May the spike will have risen as high as 9ft high, more typically 7ft or so, topped with densely packed buds that gradually relax into flower.”  It’s definitely one mad plant and one that’s well worth £7.99!

DayofthetriffidsThanks again to all at Shannon’s and I will be sending pictures when it’s in bloom, great stuff!

It came from under the earth

WTFLast November I bought a mad looking corm/bulb type thing at Shannon’s for around £7. I loved the look of it at the time and also knowing it would grow into a 6ft high monster made me think, “I’ve got to have one of those!” But for the life of me, I can’t remember what it was called. Any ideas?

Well I’d forgotten all about the bulb until last week when I noticed this poking through the earth in one of the came from under the earthThen in the space of a week, it’s grown into this. It reminds me of those things that came out of the spacecraft in the old version of The War Of The Worlds. Madness!Growing from under the earth