The day the sun came out…

We haven’t been out the back for weeks and it showed (above). The side bed had all sorts of debris on top of the soil: rotting comfrey leaves, dead sunflower sticks, dried nasturtium stalks and the like. We wrapped ourselves in a few layers of clothing, got the kneeling mat out and within an hour it looked fairly respectable (below).

The veg bed at the bottom put us in mind of an abandoned allotment (below) but now looks like any other bed during the winter. It was a bit frozen down there so the garden fork was left in the garage, a rake was the tool of choice and we got as much rubbish up as possible using it. All that’s left in the bed now is the couple of cardoons and a broad bean or two (below lower)!

The best thing we done was pull up the dahlia tubers, getting as much of the soil off as we could without damaging the them before storing them somewhere dry until the spring. We should have pulled them up earlier but laziness and life kicked in towards the end of last year. Let’s hope we’re not too late!

Have a look in the box!

People tell you it’s all in the preparation and they’re right. Before you start planning and buying new seeds, see what you actually have in the seed tin already.

We took a look last night and suprisingly found stuff we didn’t think we had. There were some seeds left of the sunflowers (below) we were given as part of the seed trials from Thompson and Morgan. We’re not 100% sure on the variety but it may be the ‘Sunshot Golds Mixed’ (If anyone knows do give us a shout). We also found some Skyscraper Sunflower, Green Sprouting Calabrese, Tomatoes and Carrots. As the saying goes “it pays to have a butchers first”!

Post-Sunday gardening musical pressure

Here’s a lovely remix from Jiony from out of Mexico City of Betelgeize‘s Dao done in a slow-mo style. This tune with its looped hypnotic bassline is infectious, so be warned, 7 and a bit minutes just flashes by! An ideal one to play whilst relaxing after “tipping about (with a rake)” in the garden earlier on when the sun was making an appearance.

A message to all potato fans!

Thanks to Mick Matthews of the Cambridgeshire Self Sufficiency Group for letting us know of their 11th Potato Day on Saturday 1st February 2020 at All Saints Church, Market Square, Huntingdon PE29 3NR from 10-30 am till 1pm. FREE admission. All welcome!

• 50 varieties of seed potato + onion sets and shallots plus Dahlias

Potatoes from £1-30 a kilo £1-00 for members. You can buy as many or as few as you like, it’s an excellent opportunity to try something different or a good value way to get enough for a whole row. There’s refreshments on sale and crafts and other stalls. It sounds great, so if you’re about that area on the 1st February, go in and have a look!

Gardening bargain of the week!

Found in WH Smiths in Holborn today, the February issue of Kitchen Garden Magazine with 10 packs of FREE seeds! We know the packs you usually get with magazines are probably not as packed to the gills as the packets are down your local garden centre but these ain’t pretty bad! Some super stuff too: Tomato, Parsley, Radish, Leek, Parsnip, Cabbage, Beetroot, Lettuce, Carrot and Peppers. A bargain and an ‘arf!

We may not have started gardening yet but the garden has

We still haven’t ventured out the back to do any work even though there’s a lot to do and the weather weren’t that bad yesterday. The couple of cardoons we got from Shannon’s a while back, flowered last year and then died down and we thought that was the end of that. Then in November the plant came back to life and here it is at the moment (above). We’ll be popping back to Shannon’s soon to get a couple more cardoons as they are great stuff. We hope in the next couple of weeks as well to spend some time tidying the garden up for spring as it’s looking a bit messy. And the Dahlias haven’t even been taken out yet!

And to start the new year off on the downbeat tip here’s a nice mellow number from Davin Plashin with Norkav, it may only be 2 minutes and 22 seconds but it’s chilled and infectious!

And the next, a lovely bit of electronica from L.Porche with Saint Gingolph. Who says the new year is dead when it comes to music and the garden?