Friday night style

It was a week of mixed weather and also one of getting an irritating head cold toward the end of it. For the relief of a pounding head and aching limbs the most recent Rt Hon David Rodigan show was replayed a few times.

On the show he mentioned the productions of the great Lloyd ‘The Matador’ Daley which made us search out this little number (above) with a flip that was supposedly the first tune to dip into dub-wise tendencies. Rodigan played an early outing by the great U-Roy called Scandal (below) which is one hell of a tune! And below that is the original vocal from The Uniques. Big up the great Roddy for passing on the musical information as ever!

It’s now coming up to the time to tidy up those veg beds during the day and take it easy indoors in the warm at night. Big up that Autumn equinox!

On the air

The garden of earthly delightsA big shout to Shane Q from the excellent Garden of Earthly Delights on CRMK Radio for letting us know about Madtone’s session for the show from April 2006 on Mixcloud (it’s downloadable as well here.)

It includes some fine music from Quantic, Daedelus, Boom Bip, RCTJ Vs Quad90, Unity Cresent and more alongside the Madtone session tracks: Radio Is My Friend (16.47), E2 (The Lincolnshire Poacher) (38.04) and Calling Live On Channel (1.00.20.)

The show will be back on the air in the near future, broadcasting from a new improved CRMK radio studio that once was a public convenience. Keep em peeled here for news and links to lots of great mixes.


Pumpkin’s progress

rat_large_resizeIt all started with seeing the back end of a large rodent in one of our dalek compost bins back in April (post here). The contents of said bin was then emptied into a trench in the bed at the bottom of the garden (below).

compost trench

A pumpkin, butternut squash and a courgette plant were purchased from Shannon’s and stuck on the top of the trench as they love that sort of richness.

Everything has gone green

Then there was that big gardening faux-pas, all the potato peelings in the compost trench started to sprout and threatened said plants (post here). It was dealt with by some continuous hoeing, a few times a week!

Then we had some action on the pumpkin, it started small, then a bit bit bigger but still green.



Then the other week it started to change colour. As long as those pesky rodents don’t have it we might be onto having a giant pumpkin!

yellow-pumpkinThe butternut squash is on it’s way too! All’s well that ends well and all that!


Respect goes out to Buster (but not Phil Collins)

It was very sad to hear that the great Prince Buster passed away the other day. Here’s two corking records of his that have been special to us throughout the years from his massive back catalogue.

The above tune was featured on a 1970’s programme about Rastafari that was played very regularly here on video cassette many moons ago. It was reheard a few years later upstairs at a night at The Betsey Trotwood in Farringdon played by one Pete Holdsworth from Pressure Sounds who told us he found his copy in a charity shop in the 1970’s for a few pence. No!!!!!!!

The tune below was obtained in the 1990’s while bringing some some unwanted christmas gifts (including 4 packs of white socks, “no name” after-shave and economy “talc”) to the Scope shop in Camberwell. The chap behind the counter was sorting through a very recent donation of punk and reggae singles and was so chuffed of the contribution of white socks he let me have first dibs. Big up the white sock crew and long live The Prince!


Faith in humankind restored yet again

Laptop soundmanYesterday was spent in good company, with a couple of hours of gardening followed by a visit to this year’s Fordham Park festival. It’s on a smaller scale than when Orbital played there many years ago but it’s nice to hear on a Saturday afternoon some mad punk bands thrashing it out, entertainment on the lovely named “Recknaw” stage (what does it spell backwards?) and being with local characters in a packed tiny tent loving a sound system playing top tunes (who ignored from us here at weeds to dedicate one to “anyone who’s left their washing out.”)

Multimeters in the dance © Marc Bultitude

Multimeters in the dance © Marc Bultitude

There was a welcomed absence of artisan flat whites, workshop tea, craft ales and ethically-sourced bagel sellers but they had their revenge in the end so we were told. 

A bloke in his late 50’s (in an ill-fitting biker’s jacket with a faded Crass symbol on the back) explained to us that the estate agents, coffee companies and cupcake vendors who couldn’t get on site all got together the day before and with a bit of alchemy, influenced the bad weather we were currently having. He might have been right as it tipped it down most of the afternoon after a week of glorious sunshine. “Boo hiss” to them!

lewisham motorcycle team

We’ve now gone back in our memory to festivals and fetes of old. Where the army motorcycle display team do that “pyramid” thing and the local police dog handlers let off big alsatians at sheepskin-wearing “villain’s” wearing big padding on one of their arms. Ah, those were the days…

Post-holiday tune of the week

Some out there Kingston, Jamaica-made madness from Puppy Disco called Last Of The Mohicans as heard on last week’s Tom Ravenscroft radio show. One to play loud when you realise it’s far too late to get the hose out to water the garden. Ends with a minutes worth of tripped out Manuel Göttsching-ness. Rough!

We’ve seen Bono’s (neighbour’s) garden

Killiney_1We’ve just got back from a few days in Killiney (pronounced kill-eye-knee) just outside Dublin. It’s sometimes compared to the Bay of Naples in Italy as it’s got Italian road names as well as many tropical plants (succulents and towering cordylines abound,) mad eh? succulent 2The weather was a mixed affair but every day did have its fair share of sunshine (and equal parts of rain and wind too!)Bono's gardenWhile we were out and about we passed a couple of music-related gaffs, one a castle owned by Enya (very much like David Essex’s in Stardust) and the grand gated property of U2’s Bono. The above is a pic of his (or possibly his neighbour’s) back garden. I pity the poor gardener who has to put up with this symetrical style of horticulture but saying that, we love how the beehives are positioned at the end, very OCD.Druids seatOne day we visited and sat on the very ancient Druid’s Judgement Seat (complete with antiquated blue circle cement from the time of construction still visible.) Though nearby (which we unfortunately didn’t get to see) was a proper ancient monument from around 2500 BC the Ballybrack Dolmen, and one slap bang in the middle of a coucil estate. Bonkers!Ballybrack, julian copeAlso a couple of pints were downed in the pub where Bono took Barack and Michelle Obama in nearby Dalkey and we sadly missed out on a boat trip to the deserted (apart from some goats and birds) Dalkey Island by the delightfully named “Ken the Ferryman” as he was mid-sea at the time of calling (pic below – he’s the dot in the middle.)Who pays the ferrymanIf you ever end up out there, ignore the weather forecast and bring a pack-a-mac and some suntan lotion with you as you’ll probably need both of them in one day.