International Herb

Suprise Chefs – Rosemary Hemphill – Big Crown Records

Thanks again to The Rhythm Doctor for pointing us in the right direction of another great tune, this time within a week of the last one! The Suprise Chefs bring us some bright vibes with a great track called Rosemary Hemphill which he played on his show (below) on IDA Radio (Tallinn) last Monday at 50 minutes in.

While the track was playing he decided to google Rosemary Hemphill and to his suprise what he found was another music/gardening connection (and as you know there’s a fair few of them about!)

Turns out Rosemary Hemphill is an “Australian writer of cooking and gardening books, who has long been recognised as one of Australia’s leading herb and spice experts.” She was born at “sunrise” on “April Fool’s Day” in 1922, in Broome, western Australia and in her childhood spent some time at her grandparents in Bromley, UK who had a big herb garden which was a big influence on her. More on the great lady here. She’ll be 101 tomorrow. Happy Birthday!

The big question is are the Suprise Chefs keen gardeners then?

Can you get a better view than that?

Big shout to Rich R for getting in touch with us after a good few years with pictures of his garden in the Lake District. We don’t think you can get a better view than that from a back garden. We all moan about the winter but there’ll be no more moaning if the pic below was the view from your front door.

We get a bit frustrated here with the Ladywell Fields Heron, Lewisham Parakeets and the south London sliced-bread snaffling Fox posse but up there they have proper wildlife to contend with: badgers, deer and rabbits which eat everything veg wise if they were to grow it. So Rich grows wild fruit and strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and a bit of marjoram. The back garden is literally on the side of a mountain, made up of 5 terraces and rises to about 500 ft. How good is that?

It’s a good looking garden Rich and the carpet of bluebells look great and we’re loving it here, more pictures please as the season cracks on!

Tune of a Thursday lunchtime

Cheers to our good mate Gerry Hectic for sending this deeply dubby recommendation (above). It’s from Aspartate and it’s called Apart (Version). All we know about it is produced by someone called Mark Bailey and it’s on the D.Construction label out of Germany and their Bandcamp is here.

And talking of chilled out dub, here’s another lovely example. It’s by Dub Addiction and it’s called Ecological Dub (Calm Down Remix). It will be featured on a lounging mix on the shortwaves very very soon.

London Bridge is burning down

Big shout to our very good friend The Rhythm Doctor (of The Rhythm Doctor’s Waiting Room on IDA Radio – Tallinn on a Monday morning here) for telling us about this excellent collection on Bandcamp from Don Cavalli.

It’s called Don Cavalli chants down babylon and what an EP it is! There’s 4 top tracks including this above, his interpretation of The Wailers Fire Fire AKA Bunny Wailer’s Love Fire. We implore you to listen to this EP and make a purchase.

KZOO calling, KZOO calling

Tune in to Imaginary Stations this Sunday 26th March 2023 at 2200 UTC on WRMI on 9395 kHz for KZOO a show which is all about kazoo’s, kids piano’s, güiro, washboards and all sorts of home-made instruments which weren’t encouraged by the music teacher. Tune in and enjoy!


Lifting the roof off

Since spring officially started the other day it looks like there’s some changes going on. For the first time today we lifted the plastic cover off the foxgloves and giant garlic that have been overwintering to give them some air and to make sure they don’t overheat. The giant garlic looks more than healthy and the foxgloves are hanging on in there. The brick at the side is there for size comparison. God knows how giant those garlic will get!

We just found this excellent tune by accident and what a tune! It’s by Burt Blanca & The King Creoles and called Taboo ’69. We love those echoey sound effects (one sounds like a metal M&B beer tray being slammed down hard on a pub table) and the twangy guitar too! It’s from the Radio Martiko Bandcamp that has some seriously good stuff on there.

And thinking of that title here’s another fine tune, this one’s by The Cyril X. Diaz Orchestra with Tabu. Wonderful stuff!

And talking of the Radio Martiko Bandcamp, how’s this for some serious mad stuff? Ansambl Mileta Petrovića with Moj Mihone. All we can say is “Wow!”

Sha-na-na-na, sha-na-na-na-na, get a job

Here’s last night’s broadcast of WORK on Imaginary Stations on WRMI on Shortwave. There’s an hour of work related tunes from DJ Frederick and Justin Patrick Moore and at 7 minutes in there’s a mix from One Deck Pete called “Work (The old fashioned way)”. Here’s the tracklistings:

Eric Coates – Calling all Workers (excerpt)
Willie Hutch – Brothers gonna work it out
The Blue Orchids – Work
Culture – Work on Natty
Chairmen of the Board – Working on a building of love
The Silhouettes – Get a Job (Extract)

So ditch the sarnie box, kick off the Toetectors and interview slacks and tune into WORK.

… you’ll sing again, shal-lots in Forest Hill*

We’ve had some shallots sitting about in a bag for weeks and noticed they were looking like they had to be put out soon or they’ll go mouldy, so yesterday (on the eve of the official start of spring) we undertook a little job in the garden.

Years ago we found an old window frame on a skip and over the years it’s had many uses but since lockdown it’s been lying up against the back fence in retirement. The weather’s so changeable at the moment we knew those shallots had to be put in under cover, so the window frame had a bath in warm soapy water and is now back in service.

We got some bricks to make a simple support to put the frame on and then dug out a good bit of soil out of the space within, then made a small compost trench with a little bit of kitchen waste pinched from the top of the compost heap (whilst we were there, we gave the heap a bit of a fork over and a mix). Also using a trowel, we fished out about two buckets worth of decent compost (Black Gold as they call it) from the bottom of the heap which we put on top of the compost trench and then covered that with the soil we initially took out and there you go, we’ve now got some shallots “under glass”!

All of the shallots went in, had a light water and then we gave the bed around it a little hoe over (top pic) and then gave the path next to it a good old sweep. This gives a nice contrast between the bed and path making the bed look like it had a good few hours work on it. A trick learnt from the council. Now we have to wait and see. Springtime weather, do your job!

* To the tune of “Tulips from Amsterdam”.

Skylarking on the radio

Big shout to our good mate Shane Quentin for this excellent mix for his Skylarking show on Tak Tent Radio. Some excellent tunes here!

And here’s the tracks:
Vernon Allen : Far I Come
The Viceroys : Sugar Spice
Ernest Ranglin Selected Group : Free Form
Black Velvet : Safari
The Skatalites : Collie Bud
Azie Lawrence : Pempelem
Raymond Harper : Autumn Leaves
Arena : Knot Up Head
Invaders : You Touch My Soul
Don Drummond & The Skatalites : Smiling
Tomorrow’s Children : Bang Bang Rock Steady
Al Senior Pone & Hippy Boys : Hold My Hand
The Termites : I Made a Mistake
Bonnie Gayle : I Can’t Change My Skin
Grey Brothers : Big Man
Jackie Mittoo & The Soul Vendors : Midnight Hour
Prince Buster : High Blood Pressure
Amiel Moodie : Ratchet Knife
Johnny & The Attractions : Call Of The Drums
The Kingstonians : Mother Miserable
Delroy Wilson : I Shall Not Remove
Henry III : I’ll Reach The End
Horace Andy : Goodnight My Love

And they’re off part 2

It looks like there’s action on the Miner’s Lettuce stakes and we only put the seeds in last Saturday, that hasn’t taken long to germinate has it? Nothing on the others but it’s early days yet. We’re still keeping the propagator lid on and opening the vents during the day. We’ll keep you posted on the others. As the Desperate Bicycles once sang “It was easy, it was cheap, GO AND DO IT!” Buy those seeds and get them started, it won’t be till spring.