Tango Mango was my favourite Can LP

This week a mate at work sent us a link to a Mr Thing radio show where he played some choice 45’s and the Madrill one below was spun (sampled by The Jungle Brothers many moons ago here).

Searching for the tune on youtube I noticed a reggae interpretation by the In-Crowd which I’d long forgotten about and what a tune! Anyone fancy crowd funding us £60 to buy it off discogs?

And while we’re there, the vocal of the track below was played on the show which is a tune but the instrumental is something else!

Tuber labelles

tuber-labellesThe sun was out today so went out and pulled up a couple of weather-bashed dahlias. The foliage on the plants have now turned black after the frosts so it’s time to bring the tubers in for the winter.

It’s a simple process, you leave on few inches of the stalk at the top, knock off as much as soil as possible on the tuber (and carefully remove any damaged parts), leave to dry off for a week or two and then keep in a frost free place (under the stairs is good.) Keep a check of them over winter and come next year they’ll be ready to go out again. If you leave them in the ground (which you can if you want to risk it) there’s a good chance they’ll turn to mush! More on lifting Dahlias here.

And this week’s dahlia of the week is the brilliantly named bed head (below). I’ve just seen on the web too the statement “don’t write off dahlias as your granny’s flower” and with varieties called “Poppers”, “Blah, Blah, Blah” and “Rave Machine” they certainly are not!

bed-head-dahliaI also checked the compost heap I hadn’t touched for a good year and it’s looking great. That lot won’t be sitting in that bin for long! Don’t look too closely in the bin as there’s two elastic bands, a piece of string, a paper clip and a plastic spoon. How did they get in there?compost-and-elastic-bands

London’s Burning…


This afternoon Saturday 26th November around 15.30pm (it it’s not too dark to find the matches by then) we here at Weeds will be doing something rather controversial in our back garden. We will be firing up our faithful dustbin incinerator in protest. Not at Lewisham Council who deem our area as a smokeless zone but something far more serious than that.

We at Weeds:

• Are sick and tired of the assimilation of Punk by the establishment and the mainstream, and the way that rather than a movement for change, Punk has become like a museum-piece or a tribute act.

We at Weeds:

• Will be using our incinerator and be destroying an old pair of gardening trousers, two christmas trees (one from last year and the year before), some gardening gloves with holes in them, a couple of old gardening magazines, a cardboard box, an old ripped tea-towel and a Big Daddy Annual from 1976. At the same time we will be blasting out Tom Robinson’s “2,4,6,8 Motorway” from the back room (apologies in advance to the neighbours).

The event will be streamed live here from 3pm and next week we’ll be selling off the ash from the fire (in lovely artisan-made commerative bags of course) at our local car boot sale if anyone is interested. 


Dub what you see

As played on the Rt Hon David Rodigan radio show this week, the excellent The Frightnrs out of NYC with a dub and a half of “Dispute” mixed by the great Victor Axelrod aka Ticklah. There’s some fine flyers too from the band here. Can you get that tinkering piano part out of your head? I can’t.

Say what you see

back-garden-novemberPopped out in the garden today to cut the grass and to do a little bit of tidying up and it’s made a difference (above). The garden’s been in a bit of a state of late due to that virus and was looking rough to say the least.

While putting the flymo over the wet grass, thoughts of the things learnt (through the power of the internet) while lying in bed or sitting watching tripe on the telly while under the influence of that virus.silvermachineMick McManus (aka The Dulwich Destroyer or The Man You Love to Hate) supposedly had a hand in writing Hawkwind’s Silver Machine (info here.) Kendo Nagasaki managed
The Cuddly Toys and disco diva Laura Pallas (info here) and during the day they show old episodes of Catchphrase with Roy Walker.

After the hour or two in the garden today I settled down in front of the telly for a rest and watched today’s instalment. This one had Roy telling a contestant (a police dog handler) a joke that went like this “I saw a funny looking dog with a policeman once, it was half-Chiwawa and half Dachshund. I said to the policeman, how can THAT be a police dog? The officer replied, (pause for 1970’s comic timing) he is, but he’s under cover.” Awful, truly awful!

A new day, a new track

A big shout to our musical collaborator Jazzmin Tutum (dub poet and vocalist of Zion Train) out of Germany. Here’s a quick taster from the forthcoming collection of dub poetry called “Africa Don’t” from Jazzmin & Madtone.

Women in War Zones
She surfaces.
A memory.

News needs
paper clipping
forming the
Here are the Women
in time parallels…

Past. Future.
Nothing in between
just the micro seconds
knotting the rubber bands
that dry rot and wear away
Thread-bare are the tapestries of life

A woman in a war zone
will crack the silence
because the leaking sickness
she watches trails from her own
open fruit body
And she will never forget
the sharp weapons to be found in
door-less places…

but now it is the night
in the air
time watching.
Silence expected

After the virus has gone

pumpkings-and-juniorIt’s been a fair few weeks since any work’s been done in the weeds garden due to that nasty virus doing the rounds but to help to get us in the mood here’s a pic of a couple of pumpkins.

Thanks to the good folks at Shannon’s where we got the pumpkin plant from and also a big thanks to the rodent who was caught in the darlek compost bin. It was seeing the retreating large back end of the rodent that made us decide to put all the decaying waste into a compost trench (more on that episode here) and buy said plant to plonk on top of it as pumpkins do love a bit of rich soil.

On the left is the fruit of our labours weighing in at a nice 4.8kg and to the left and from an very close associate of weeds (from her gardening club at school) a nice smaller variety at 2kg. It’s great this gardening lark isn’t it? We can’t wait to get back out there!

And while we’re here here’s a tune that’s nothing to do with Pumpkins.