Two times on a Sunday on shortwave

Some news about the next transmission of DJ Frederick’s Free Radio Skybird on Sunday 27th September at 1100 UTC (12 Noon UK time) on 6070 kHz shortwave via Channel 292 (and repeated the week after.) Next week’s show features DJ FrederickJustin Patrick Moore’s Radiophonic Laboratory and Shane Quentin with more of that Radio Reflexology and our very own One Deck Pete with “Tunes to cheer you up” series. 49 metres on a Sunday afternoon is once again where it’s all at! If you haven’t got a suitable radio it can also be heard on the SDR link on their site here.

Also on Sunday 27th September 2020 (and repeated the week after) at 1800 UTC (7pm UK time) on 3955 kHz via Channel 292 is the final transmission of Radio Lavalamp for a while. The ultimate programme of the year will feature One Deck Pete with his The Purple Nucleus of Creation 003 mix. Tune in to “Your ethereal shortwave music station” on 3955 kHz or using this link here when the time is right! #Freeradioskybird #Radiolavalamp #shortwavesnotdead #Funwithashortwaveradio

Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think

We’ve just checked the weather forecast for the forthcoming week and it looks like this may be the last nice Sunday for a while as next Saturday the temperature falls to 14!

So get that mower, fancy trowel or those cool drinks out today and enjoy this fine weather. We’ll be “tipping around with a hoe” knocking off those weeds before it gets too hot! #classiclockdownweatherreturns

That music’s lost its taste, so try another flavour

Big thanks to our music/gardening/radio friend across the pond Justin Patrick Moore for sending us another example of horticulturally inspired (plant) music.

It’s by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith and the bandcamp set is called Cows will eat the weeds. The weeds/herbs include Milk Thistle, Rabbit Brush and Yarrow amongst a few more. Investigate her bandcamp as it’s worth “having a butchers at” as the market traders say.

This set is from the grand old year of 2012 and the music is of the chilled experimental variety that we love here and is a album well worth delving into if you love that kind of stuff too. Our favourite is Wild Rose at the moment and we can see that changing! Electronica and plants do mix!

A new episode of Location, location, location (for the worms)

The compost heap was looking great yesterday with handfuls of brandling worms jumping about when we looked in (most falling off the bin’s lid we reckon as I don’t think our worms have learned how to fly just yet!) It was a sight for sore eyes seeing them and also feeling the heat, for the first few weeks after we started it was stone cold and wormless.

After a good old fork over this is what the heap looked like (above), a nice old mixture! It’s good to mix alll the micro organisms, bacteria and insects up and give them a change of scenery and the air you create helps too!

Those plastic dalek bins are a bit of a pain compared to those nice old square wooden ones when it comes to turning with a garden fork as the knuckles do tend to get caught on the lip at the top of a dalek. That’s something we’ve got to put up with at the moment until we rethink the bin.

Also the wormery which originally took a while to get going looked healthy yesterday (above) when we opened it up (AKA took the bin bag with the ventilation holes in it off the top). We tend to forget about putting stuff into it sometimes which is a crime but suprisingly it’s looking great. You can see the odd bit of just added teabag and a few bits of potato peel, that’s called guilt that is! #compostinginlockdown

No, we’re not going mad!

A couple of photographs taken yesterday to demonstrate the “stranger side” of the hobby. The first (above) is an experiment at the Weeds HQ using the old “bananas let off ethylene gas which ripens tomatoes quicker” trick on one the plants in the raised beds. Instead of a whole one we could only find a banana skin (someone had ate the last banana!) That’s better than nothing ain’t it? The neighbours will question our sanity but what’s new? Will it work or won’t it? We’ll keep you posted.

And yesterday we noticed this great collection of (lost?) gardening gloves on one of the gates of One Tree Hill Allotments. We do love a gardening glove here but we’re also wondering what is the real reason for this dadaesque artwork? Suggestions on a postcard please. #lockdownlunacy

Spikey tops in September

It’s a lovely day here today in south London as the sun has made a bit of a comeback this weekend. The dahlias in the garden are looking great especially the deep red cacti ones (above). We love this half opened one (below) too which has a bit of a punk rock look about it!

Below are some plum tomatoes that are a bit of a mystery as we don’t even remember sowing them. Perhaps they were left over seed from the ones had a few years ago? The delights of a non-named seed envelope at the bottom of the seed box eh?

The sweet peas were a bit of a disappointment though this year (below) god knows why that happened. The sunflower beside it weren’t that brilliant either, perhaps the soil needs a good bit of organic matter?

Whilst on a jog come fast walk around the area this morning these great cacti dahlias (below) were spotted in a front garden near Catford. How good are those?

We hope the weather’s good your side and you’re enjoying the last little fling of summer!
#septembersunshine #haslockdownendedyet?

High as a Kite

Big shout to Lord Kelvinator for last week’s St GIGA special that went out on Trash Flow Radio on Cincinnati’s noncommercial community radio station WAIF 88.3 FM. The tripped out 3 hours of satellite sounds features One Deck Pete‘s “The Rule of the Twelfths mix” at 43 minutes in on the mixcloud featuring:
Madtone – Pete’s ambient breakfast (2020 retouch)
ARK – Sirens of Titan
Uriel –You Who Are Reading Me Now Kid Loco’s Love Experience Mix
Alistair Colling – Oboro Zukiyo (Night of the misty moon)  ‎

Cheers for Justin Patrick Moore for the cosmic link up! #stGIGAinlockdown

They’re just hanging around

Big shout to Gerry Hectic for sending us a nice pic of his newly acquired Aldi hanging baskets (bought for the shocking sum of £3.99 each) hung from some old pipe he buffed up which are mounted on his smart garden shed with a couple of hangers from £stretchers for £1.99. Who said you had to pay for the nose for some smart looking gardening eh? Also ta to Gerry for sending us this recommendation the greatly named set on Bandcamp called The Indoor Gardener by Double Geography. Some nice tunes here, loving the opener Yucca but it’s all excellent garden related named business! Play it all the way through when giving your plants a touch of baby bio. #musicandgardeningdomix

More music (than your average gardening blog)

The first is a “clean as a whistle” recording of This is a music show 80 thanks to Tim Gaynor from Unique Radio Australia. As you know we love a “off the air” shortwave recording like the next person but it’s great to hear the show like this! Cheers to Tim and Your Host for this one! The link to the clean audio is here. Some nice tunes as ever including Todd Terry/Royal House’s “Can You Party” and First Choice “Let No Man Put Asunder” and a Jimmy Riley dub.

Also here’s a preview of DJ Frederick’s Radio Lavalamp due for broadcast later this month featuring One Deck Pete’s Purple Nucleus of Creation 003 mix at 9.40 minutes in. As Fred says Radio Lavalamp is your place for “Jazz, acoustic, ambient, experimental sound excursions & chill out music”. Tune in and definitely drop out!

And not to leave gardening out of the post here’s a frog who made his/her home in a B&Q 99p bucket before being turfed out pronto into the wild near the pond (and away from those pesky cats who’d probably make its life hell!) #frogsinlockdown

One station returns while another one leaves us

It’s heavy on radio transmissions this month with the return of DJ Frederick’s Free Radio Skybird on Sunday 13th September at 1100 UTC (12 Noon UK time) on 6070 kHz shortwave via Channel 292 (and repeated the week after.) If you haven’t got a suitable radio it can also be heard on the SDR link on their site here. The first programme will feature DJ FrederickJustin Patrick Moore’s Radiophonic Laboratory and our very own One Deck Pete with his “Who’d be a pirate” mix. 49 metres is again where it’s all at!

Also Sunday 27th September 2020 (and repeated the week after) at 1800 UTC (7pm UK time) on 3955 kHz via Channel 292 is the final transmission of Radio Lavalamp. The ultimate programme of the year will feature One Deck Pete with his The Purple Nucleus of Creation 003 mix. Tune in to “Your ethereal shortwave music station” on 3955 kHz or this link here when the time is right! #Freeradioskybird #radiolavalamp #shortwavesnotdead