One deck Pete discography

pup up the jam

When he’s not out in the garden pulling up old bike frames from the flower beds or writing weeds up to knees One Deck Pete loves making a bit of music. In times gone by he’s played bass in Ded Yampy, The Artisans and British Racing Green, was part of One Deck & Popular and one of the trio involved in the London club night Steroid Abuse. These days, Pete produces music as Madtone on the Blossoms Kitchen record label. Contact Pete at

One Deck Discography
As part of One Deck & Popular on Black Country Route records:
one deck & popular son of stitt

Son of Stitt 10″ BCR 002 10″  2002
A. Son of Stitt  B. Son of Stitt (In A Cafe Del Bob’s Style)

One Deck & Popular versus The Debonairs  BCR 003 7″ 2003
A. The Debonairs­ U Need Me (One Deck & Popular Mix)
B. One Deck & Popular  Son Of Stitt (The Debonairs Mix)

one deck & popular enrico

The Enrico EP (featuring ­ Hey-eer-yah)  BCR 005 12″ 2004
A. Enrico (Hay-eer-yah’s Continual Harmonica Cut) Featuring ­Hey-eer-yah
B. Enrico (Original)  B2. Ital Dub

The Innerspace EP (Dedicated to John Peel) BCR 006 12″  2006
A. Innerspace (Umblu Mix)  B1. Innerspace (Original)  B2. Temptation

top barnet in da place

One Deck & Popular compilation appearances:

Son of Stitt on Doc Martin’s Fabric 10 CD  2003


Innerspace on Nick Luscombe’s Flowmotion 2 CD  2005

strictly dub

Enrico on Strictly Dub – Modern Dub Classics CD  2005

Seafor profile pic









As Madtone (on Blossoms Kitchen records unless stated):


Dark Dread – Blossoms Kitchen Blosso1 7″ (330 pressed only) 2006
A. Dark Dread  AA. Emerald

message from madtone

A Message From Madtone  Blossoms Kitchen CD 2006
1. NC-ND  2. Message From Madtone  3. Andorra

garden of earthly delights

Garden Of Earthly Delights radio session CD 2006
1. Calling Live On Channel  2. E3  3. Radio Is My Friend
share the flame

Jazzmin Tutum Share the flame CD Universal Egg records 2013
Two tracks with Dub Poet Jazzmin Tutum on the Share the flame CD namely Dis ya time and To Beckett with dub/Akai Mi

A Dahlia state of mind (Exclusive Weeds Up To Me Knees Dub) Weeds Up To Me Knees 2016
A special dub of the track “Radio is my friend.” A Weeds Up To Me Knees release. Weedsupto 001.

Unreleased Madtone tracks at the soundcloud page below:

Madtone compilation appearances

kick out the trash

Dark Dread appeared on the Listen Loudest compilation CD from Croatia 2006

Dark Dread on the Trash All Stars – Sound Robbers From Outer Space CD from Listen Loudest 2007

Echo, echo, echo
Dark Dread  on the excellent Echo Chamber – Around the world in dub Vol 1 free download album from Dan Dada records 2012.

African Bass from Madtone & Audiovert on the excellent compilation Echo Chamber –  Around The World In Dub Vol 7 & 8 released April 2016.

Pon the shortwaves

media network +

Pete’s music is used weekly as the theme tune and jingles for the radio show “Media Network Plus” on PCJ Radio International on shortwave and via the internet. This video version of the show (below) uses Madtone’s E3 to open and close the show.



Also Pete presented the “Sounds from the South” podcast which combined his passions, gardening and decent music! Available here.

For clearance on use of Pete’s music in your film/soundtrack contact and if you mention “weeds up to me knees” you’ll get a gardener’s discount!

Interview with Pete

Netherlands, RN Happy Station
Listen to an amusing interview with Pete talking about his musical output (and many more things including spy numbers stations, a suspected heart attack, shortwave radio in general and “a mars a day helps you work rest and play” adverts) with Keith Perron. The interview appeared on one of the oldest international radio programmes, The Happy Station (which features music from Madtone – Radio Is My Friend at 8.35 and E3  at 31.00) available to listen here (and to download as an MP3 if you right-click the link.)

25 thoughts on “One deck Pete discography

  1. Fun Blog Pete….I especially like the bit about gardening. I am a perpetually disappointed gardener — as my current garden is way too shaded (between 2 garages) to produce much. I get gargantuan tomato plants, but so little fruit. Likewise with my peppers. The basil is another story – it grows great every year. I really have to find a new place to make a garden plot…..

  2. Hi Dr Strangedub
    Cheers for the big up! I haven’t had much luck with peppers either but I nip my tomatoes out after about 5 trusses of fruit and take out any sideshoots that form, stake them up and give them a feed weekly during the summer.
    Dr Strangedub does the excellent “Echo Chamber” Reggae Show with DJ Baby Swiss on KFAI, well worth a listen!

  3. hi pete, just stumbled across the blog and very much liking the tone of it. quality music choices and lots of good gardening stuff. actually stumbled across it whilst googling about Flowerdew’s dodgy pony tail, how i roll y’see. been tending my pea and mange tout seedlings today as well as getting some physalis seeds planted, lots of of other allotment jobs too. hope you had a good weekend, all the best!

  4. Hi James, Cheers for that, glad you like it! I couldn’t stop laughing when you said you stumbled across us while googling Bob Flowerdew’s ponytail. Brilliant! I’ve been meaning to contact him and ask him for a top five as I love to know what sort of music he’s into. I know his wife is Jamaican so I wonder if he listens to Reggae or do you reckon he’s a Pink Floyd/Yes man? I did email him once just just after I started this blog but heard nothing. I tried Physalis myself last year and they did well here but trouble is no-one else liked them (except me) even when they were dipped in Chocolate! Cheers Pete

  5. Pete, how you doing?, its Mark from Leeds (think 3000 bootleg tapes, Dream Fm etc). Typed my old mates name in Google just to see what would happen and up pops a blog about gardening!

  6. Pete! Its Jim here, ex roadie with gods toys, remember me? Good to see you are alive and well. When’s the next edition of Ded Yampy out?

    • Nice one Jim! How’s it going? The next issue will be out once I’ve completed all the DIY on this house and got the garden here to some sort of normality (ie. another 30 years) ha ha!
      Years ago a bloke I was freelancing with told me he only knew one person from Coventry (“and I doubt if you’d know him”) who was his neighbour in Brighton. The guy he knew kept pet snakes and lost one just before he moved out only for it to surface up the plug hole when the new tenant was having a shower. The person he knew was called Nick Kavaz. A small world indeed!

  7. Hey Pete – finally got the tomatoes planted…and a few peppers. Got more peppers in pots yet to plant…and some Basil. Also did an herb pot with oregano ; Basil; culantro; mint. Might still pick up some eggplants. Not a big garden…but still some effort to get a good crop. Should have done potatoes…but now a bit late.
    Dr. S.

    • Nice one Dr Strangedub! Best of luck with all that lot! I put some seeds and seedlings in yesterday but they’re probably washed away now what with all the rain we are having here! Pete

  8. The other day I was in our garden looking at my non producing Courgette plants and thought I,d see who Caught by the River link up with and I was pleasantly surprised to end up here,
    The only way i can describe your site is as if a good mate moved in next door and was just happy to chat over the fence about veg growing and tunes!
    For a 40-plus father of 4 daughters this is the kind of stuff you need, believe me!!!
    You must surely feel like you have achieved all you have ever wanted to,,,,,, as you are now on my Bookmarks Bar!!!
    Keep keeping on!!!

    • Hi Steve, that is brill! Cheers for the kind words about the site. Glad you like it. Next time you’re in the Cathedral say hello to the massive “Ecce Homo” statue for us and if you’re ever in the Coventry Cross (if it still exists) do raise a glass, as that was the pub in town where I had my first pint of lager! Ta for passing by. All the best Pete (a former cov resident!)

  9. Hi Pete
    It’s Gordy from Scarborough here. With the different climate up here it’s been difficult to start the vineyard I had planned and so I am having a rethink about me business plan – any ideas for the harsher northern , sea air type climate and getting a good yield on summat more hardy? When I tried spuds they got blight and it put me off a tad. Hope your keeping well, best wishes to you and the family.
    Gordy (also from Coundon – bottom end, certain to get flooded!)

    • Hi Gordy! How’s it going? Vineyards, I like it! What do you fancy? Last week flogged a l980’s Crass type punk 12″ I found in a second hand shop in Camberwell many moons ago and with the brass got a blueberry plant, ebay’s like multicoloured swapshop I reckon! How’s life? Don’t let the blight(ers) get you down! How’s the family? Pete

      • Thanks for the reply, mate. We are all well, cheers. Blueberries, eh? Never liked Crass anyway!
        Got allotment at bottom of garden but can’t put in enough time with it – lady next door grows all sorts and gives us lots of fresh stuff – potatoes, courgettes, kale (rabbit loves it!), tomatoes etc Gordy.

  10. Hi Gordy
    I am more of a “stick it in and see how it goes” sort of gardener and don’t know too much about grapevines. What’s the soil like up there, how far are you away from the sea, much salt in the air, and does it get windy in the garden? Have you got much space? You mentioned you had potato blight in the past but you can always try again with a blight resistant variety. This year for the first time, I had blight on one of the Tomatoes but got some Bordeaux mixture to stick on the other plants just in case. I’d say don’t give up. This year is the worst year we’ve had for vegetables but I just keep cracking on.

    I always go for stuff we’d eat as you’re only wasting your time/resources/ground growing stuff or you’ll just end up sticking them in the compost bin. Like last year we did Kale, Spinach and no one ate them except me (under duress). Depending on your soil/conditions I’d go for the usual Beetroot, Carrots, Cabbages, Tomatoes and Sprouts (if you like them, firm the plants hard into the ground or they will “blow”) etc.

    I go for the lowest maintenance garden as we have lots of work to do on the house etc. We do cut and come again salad leaves in pots and that and mates of ours do spuds in old plastic dustbins etc. I’d say just stick in what you fancy eating, if it don’t work you’ve only wasted a couple of quid on a pack of seeds! You can be quite creative with less resources/space and cash.

  11. Hi Pete
    thank you for the chat today, nice to find some people who are into gardening and crafts, pls send me your wife’s site for a bit of inspiration.

    like your site, going to listen to some of the music here now 🙂

  12. Howdo Pete, took me ages to find where to type, wrote you a gushing eulogy before being kicked into my long forgot blog and lost it.. Oh well luvvs me dub n dancehall aye, digging since a kid and now full time, loves me mad gardening cult, took 14 years to put a spade near it, and is how I found you today, top top man, much respect easy mon 😉

    • Hi Jack, cheers for contacting us, it makes it more worthwhile when folks get in touch! If you want to send us some pics or tips we’d love it. Music and gardening certainly go together! Cheers Pete

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