And they’re off part 2

It looks like there’s action on the Miner’s Lettuce stakes and we only put the seeds in last Saturday, that hasn’t taken long to germinate has it? Nothing on the others but it’s early days yet. We’re still keeping the propagator lid on and opening the vents during the day. We’ll keep you posted on the others. As the Desperate Bicycles once sang “It was easy, it was cheap, GO AND DO IT!” Buy those seeds and get them started, it won’t be till spring.

4 thoughts on “And they’re off part 2

      • Lovely to see what your doing. Me and Daf ( who i was with in Cov) and loads of kids live in the Lake District. Had a vague idea it would be peaceful. Still..

        We’re getting an allotment soon. Ain’t got a clue though.

        Stay well. I’ll be checking out all your music stuff.
        Love and Peace

      • Hi Rich, good to hear from you! Drop us an email Onedeckpete at gmail dot com Always here for any gardening advice, I’d just say, stick stuff in and see what happens. All the best Pete

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