A blast from the bonkers past pt.1

out demons outWhile going through a box of old fanzines the other day, I found a poster (designed by yours truly) from the attempted Levitation of Parliament event Twenty years ago (organised by the Association of Autonomous Astronauts and the London Pychogeographical Association). On a Sunday in October in 1994 an assembled mass of people conducted an experiment to levitate the Houses of Parliament from the square opposite. Unfortunately, due to possibly the wind being in the wrong direction, bad vibes or too many people wearing garments made out of wool, the experiment failed. A mad day indeed!


4 thoughts on “A blast from the bonkers past pt.1

  1. I was marginally involved in this. The AAA / LPS, both loose overlapping groups decided on this action to: annoy Ian Bone & Class War who had organised an international anarchist event in Brixton that week, the participants of which were the target of leafleting, and to follow an attempted levitation of Brighton Pavilion by the Neoist Alliance (who overlapped with the LPA). The NA were levitating the Pavilion in response to a Stockhausen concert, regarded as elitist. The NA criticised the levitation of the House of Parliament as frivolous.

    We were surprised by the response to the call.

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