Stomping at the savoy

New Boots and panties

Sounds from The South 11 – These boots are made for working
Our contribution to The Dirt this week is about my beloved gardening boots when I worked for the council years ago. Tune of the week is from the Carlton & The Shoes with Love me forever. Keep on stepping!

Have a listen on play again when it’s up later this week (19th October show) here (Sounds from The South is usually around 10 minutes in.) The show features The Idiot Gardener, Peat, Morissons and The Gentleman Gardener amongst lots of other stuff. Cheers again to Si, Ricky and Paul!

S is for Squash and R is for Ross

Squashing machine

Three corkers this week, one from the back garden and two from Ross Allen and Andrew Hale’s brilliant show on Misoul available here.

The above is the squash/blue pumpkin harvested this evening. This is the first time I’ve ever had success with squashes, I got this specimen (which was the only one) from a plant that I constantly watered and fed weekly during the summer. It went all sprawling over the shop, but it was worth it for this mad looking thing with weird eyelashes! Big up the squash!

Johnny Clarke – Babylon – Cha Cha
And here’s two corkers from Ross and Andrew’s excellent show on Misoul, it’s been a while since listening to it and the first time back I wasn’t disappointed. The first is the excellent Johnny Clarke with Babylon, a Jah Shaka favourite which has a great dub too.

Gloria Ann Taylor – Love is a hurting thing
Next is a tune I’ve never heard before and one that puts me in mind of Siouxsie and the Banshees “Happy House” and Eddie Kendricks’ “Girl you need a change of Mind” with Liberace at the controls! Don’t listen too hard to the mix as the kick drum is well up front. Two tunes to take your mind of the bad weather of late!

Keeping it real


Sounds from The South 11 – Hey Joe
Our contribution to The Dirt this week is about meeting a imposter pretending to the legendary Joe Hayes from Manchester City (1953-65) on the way to the garden centre a few years ago. Tune of the week is from the great Dennis Brown called Money In My Pocket.

Have a listen on play again here (Sounds from The South is 14 minutes in) for the show that features “gleaning,” The Idiot Gardener and loads more stuff for have-a-go gardeners and outdoor idlers. Thanks to Si, Ricky and Paul!

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Said I’m a council man. And I’ve got (no) work to do


Sounds from The South 10 – Never mind the Council
Our contribution to The Dirt this week is about meeting a couple of those Sex Pistols fellows while working as a council gardener in West London in the 1980’s. Tune of the week is from the great U-Roy & The Gladiators called Natty Rebel.

Have a listen on play again when it’s up later this week (5th October show) here (Sounds from The South is usually around 10 minutes in), alongside more gardening related stuff including funerals, morrisons, squashes and a tale about one of The Smiths. Cheers again to Si, Ricky and Paul!

That’s just reminded me, years ago I was told by a bloke who I doing an apprenticeship with (who wasn’t the full shilling on thinking back) that his brother was a mechanic who got a call one day in December 1977 to a coach that was carrying a famous rock band that had broken down on the motorway just outside Coventry.

He told me that when his brother went to fix the coach on the hard shoulder, it was the Sex Pistols and that all the band and their entourage were all dressed in “normal” clothes (flares, star jumpers and hair like Noel Edmonds etc) and all the punk stuff was “just an act.” Briliant, this rates as one of the best stories I’ve ever been told! But please don’t tell that to the dog-collared fashionista I seen at London Bridge station the other morning.

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Crank up those greenhouse bass bins!

Found a couple of links to Kingston’s great Dub Club. Firstly a great 3hr youtube live mix including Addis Pablo and the suns of dub at the controls from last year. Brilliant is not the word. Tune after tune!

Also a great soundcloud page full of dub club mixes and related roots recordings.

Don’t call this a “roots revival” as it’s never been away!

Sunday night dub business and sousaphones

An excellent tune as played by David Rodigan from the steel city geezer Toddla T on the mix with the excellent Suns of dub featuring Addis Pablo son of the late great Augustus. Heavyweight sunday night dub  business, and a night that feels like summer outside.

Talking of Addis, here he is onstage with The Roots with their rendition of his father’s classic “King Tubby meets the rockers uptown” with added sousaphone. Love the on-stage madness!

Nice one Squirrel?

AK3WF8It hasn’t been the best of weeks when it comes to squirrels around these parts, as I’ve had to dispose of a couple of dead ones this week (not good when you’ve just come in from work.) I buried both of them in deep holes in the garden, then on top of the refilled soil, put a garnish of black pepper and some minced garlic (out of a pepper mill and a garlic crusher, of course!) to keep those damn cats away who we summise were the killers.

South London squirrels are usually the kings of the garden here, dodging and weaving away from cats and foxes, knackering them out into the process but it’s not so at the present moment.

This week I got in touch with the website who told me this time of year is when the mother kicks her young out to fend for themselves hence the amount of confused or sadly, dead ones around autumn time.

The website provides very good info on what to do if you find an orphan squirrel here. I could have done with that link last Sunday as I witnessed a cat versus squirrel stand off here after a nice afternoon in the pub.

More details of what happened is on Sounds From The South 9 – Too Much Too Young from The Dirt last night. Tune of the week is Dr Alimantado with Still Alive and the podcast is now up online here. It’s on after the animal sounds quiz at 5 minutes in.

There’s lots of great stuff on the show including Amie Sagar interviewing Squirrels about the situation at the moment, The Idiot Gardener on Sainsbury’s Bank’s “Crafty Gardening Ideas” tome (here) and The Gentleman Gardener talking topical among lots of other madness.

Thanks very much to Lindsey at for the advice.

Man with ferretHere’s another small mammal seen this week in Central London, a ferret on a lead. Is that legal?