Dub from the roots (and fruit)

Dread All Stars – U Roy Special Pt. 2

Green bean timeI was feeling well fed up towards the end of last week then I twigged, I hadn’t done anything in the garden for a couple of weeks.

So as soon as I got in from work Friday night I got the old flymo out, tidied up the lawn, picked some tomatoes, green beans and the few parsnips (in a That’s Life stylee) I sowed way back in February. Now all I need to do is make a start on the weeding…Toms in the basket

ParsnipsAnd here’s how the sweet corn is getting on, not brilliant but better than the time I tried a few years ago. Only small cobs at the moment.Corn cob timeWhen that old gardening lark goes well, it’s a grand old life!

Stephen Marley feat. Sizzla & Capleton – Rock Stone (Revelation Part II: The Fruit of Life)


Don’t you dirty my name, you hear!

Sounds from The South – Episode 7

This week’s Sounds from the south on Fab Radio International’s The Dirt is about a choice job a mate of mine had years ago. Tune of the week is from Barry Biggs called Work All Day from 1976 and it’s one to do “The chucky” to!

Have a listen on play again when it goes up later this week (14th September show) here for all sorts of gardening and growing malarkey including psychoactive plants. Sounds from The South is about 10 minutes in. Cheers to Si, Ricky and Paul!

I’ve had years of being on the wire

A massive birthday shout out to Steve Barker, Fenny and Jim for Thirty years of the excellent On The Wire on BBC Radio Lancashire. Well worth tuning into Live on a Saturday night from Midnight to 2am on Sunday or on Listen again here. Cheers for the One Deck & Popular and Madtone radio plays in the past, it’s appreciated!

On last week’s show Fenny replayed his first record he ever spun on the show, one that I’ve never heard before by the ace Mark Perry (I’m very partial to Mark’s delivery of Reggae, ATV’s Life after Life is one of my favourite ever tunes!) with a cover of a BB Seaton/Ken Boothe’s “Whole world’s down on me.” I didn’t even know of that one either. Cheers to On The Wire for passing on their musical knowledge yet again!

While we’re on the subject of great radio shows, a big shout goes out to our good friend Dr Strangedub for playing a track off Hayereyah’s new CD on this week’s (September 10th) Echo Chamber on KFAI available on listen again here. Big up the radio!

Dub like dirt

Sounds from the South – Episode 6

Every Sunday from 6-8pm on Fab Radio International is “a gardening programme like no other” called The Dirt. Every week, we at weeds do a spot called Sounds from the south (usually around 10-15 mins into the show) where we say a few words and select a tune.

This week’s is a tribute to “Big Ray’s Country & Western Disco” a legendary club night at The Joiners Arms, Camberwell in the 90’s. The tune is the excellent Ranking Toyan with “How the west was won.”

If you want to listen to our tribute to the legendary country night, have a listen on play again later this week to the 7th September show here at about 10-15 mins in.

There’s older episodes of the show up there too and our spot is usually around the same time in every week. Thanks very much to Simon, Ricky and Paul for having us on!

Video of the week

Protoje featuring Chronixx – Who Knows  

Thanks to the Rt Hon David Rodigan for informing us about this video of the excellent single from Protoje featuring Chronixx the tune of which we stuck on weeds a few weeks ago. Have a look at the smartly dressed taxi driver, does he look familiar?

Last of the summer lime

Lord Creator – Such is life – Randy’s

Big thanks to everyone who attended yesterday’s “The last Saturday of Summer” at Limewharf  and for making it a great day out! Big thanks to Emma at Limewharf for sorting it out, Marc B for the idea and The Rhythm Doctor (who played the above), Thea and Mark G for playing some brilliant tunes! It was a perfect venue for getting together and chatting over a few bevies to some great music.

A couple of gardening related things picked up while at Limewharf yesterday. Firstly, thanks to Dell for letting us know about the forthcoming Cordwainers Garden Autumn Show on Saturday 20th September at 182 Mare Street E8 3RE from 11am-3pm. Look’s great, who’s the local celebrity I wonder?

cordwainersAlso thanks to our old musical collaborator, Hayereyah for passing on his new CD with a gardening themed cover. Great rootsy stuff as per from Hayereyah, no gardening pun intended!humility before honor

The great Summer revival of 2014

Saturday flyer

Here’s a quick reminder of the event we are staging with the good folks at Limewharf this Saturday afternoon. Thanks to Emma for getting it all sorted at the last minute and to Marc B. for giving us the idea.

Music is from 3-8pm and features some great summer tunes from weeds’ very own One Deck Pete plus our friends Thea (MADONJAZZ), Mark G (Penge Jazz) and all the way from Tallinn, Estonia The Rhythm Doctor. You can bring your kids, it costs zilch and it’s a nice chilled out venue so there’s no excuse. Come down and enjoy the end of summer this Saturday afternoon!

There’s also art, acupuncture and a whole lot more. There’s a film called “Drag is my Ecstasy” about the club night Sink The Pink and an exhibition of work from David Holah of BodyMap. How good is that for a Saturday afternoon!

For more info: