About weeds up me knees

Charlie Harper

Pete was introduced into the gardening game at a very young age as his dad was a keen Chrysanthemum and Dahlia grower. As he grew older, he discovered punk and went into denial about his love of horticulture until he moved to London in his early twenties and got a job as a gardener with Westminster City Council. This is where he learnt the art of working the soil alongside watching the clock, dodging the foreman and gaining skills like how long you can balance on a spade for while talking to passers-by. It was at the council where he also had chance meetings with Johnny RottenGlen Matlock and the Mutant Waste Company amongst many others while “working.”

After a year or two he put his council past behind him to become a student of graphic design but while he was doing his degree he got himself a gardening round to supplement his grant. So on a Saturday morning bleary eyed and a bit worse for wear after mad club nights, he’d “tip around with a hoe” and try not to electrocute himself while using a flymo in the rain.

Time passed, he got married and had a couple of kids. A few years on, they all moved into a house where there was shedloads of work to be done. Inside a dog flap (a crudely large hole) had been kicked out of the back door and in the garden, mummified underpants littered the undergrowth that was once a lawn. Parts of old bikes festered in the flowerbeds and weeds were growing well up to his knees (hence the name of the blog.) They couldn’t afford a team off the TV to come in and clean up the garden as money was a bit on the tight side. This is where the blog comes in.


9 thoughts on “About weeds up me knees

  1. Hey mate what the heck , gardening blog love it get in touch Red Reddington just posted your blog on the Crown punks facebook page go take a look !!!!

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