For your (listening) pleasure

Here’s a great interview with Victor Rice whose tunes we’ve featured a fair few times here on weeds with our musical collaborator Jazzmin Tutum on Dub Kali Rootz a couple of weeks ago on Radio Dreyeckland (Germany’s first free radio station). It’s interesting stuff and well worth listening to. Something to put on loud while dreaming of spring. Big Up Victor and Jazzmin!

Music for the greenhouse

Current listening at Weeds HQ are some mixes sent to us by Feminine Hi-Fi after finding out about them via the great Scotch Bonnet Records on Facebook. We contacted the all-women project soundsystem from Brazil who sent us some links to great mixes of Brazilian female reggae vocal tunes compiled by Dani I-Pisces from the collective. They’re are well worth investigating! Volume 1 is below and here’s links to Volume 2 and Volume 3. Who said Reggae isn’t outernational?

A soundtrack to seed buying

Thanks to the Rt Hon David Rodigan for playing the new tune from the legendary Jamaican duo Keith & Tex called “Back into your world” on his show of late. It’s a tune and a half and features a lovely dub from Ticklah and top bass from Victor Rice whose great dub of a Dubmatix tune was featured on Sounds from the South here. A tune to blast out loud on the stereo while bidding on veg and herb seeds on ebay.Seeds on ebayEarlier tonight I had a look through my seed tin and made a list of what seeds I was down on which prompted me to look on e-bay. It’s a good job I did as I got a bargain, 30 packs of seeds for £6 odd with postage (let’s hope there’s not a load of duplicates and some well out of date!)

Have a look on e-bay too as you never know what you’ll get. I just tapped in “assorted herb and vegetable seeds.” Good luck!

Barefoot gardeners of the world unite!

This week’s podcast of The Dirt is now online, and features seed swapping, an interview with The Grumpy Gardener and our feature Sounds From The South which is at 24.30 minutes in here. Tune of the week is the excellent Victor Rice dub of Dubmatix featuring Jay Douglas  Celebrate my Love.

Every night is dub night here

Dubmatix – Celebrate my love (featuring Jay Douglas) – Victor Rice Dub

Here’s a brilliant dub by Victor Rice of a track by Dubmatix I had no idea about until I heard it on the brilliant Addis Pablo live at Kingston’s Dub Club 3hr mix on youtube which we featured in a post a few weeks ago here.

And below is the vocal version which is great too, the both of them from a few years ago but still sounding very fresh! Two tunes that will blast any stubborn mould clinging onto the inside of your greenhouse windows!

Dubmatix – Celebrate my love (featuring Jay Douglas)