Dubs to welcome the sun back

Here’s some of that new fangled dub stuff from Teflon & Zinc Fence a new set called Dub Policy to welcome back that yellow thing in the sky we’ve missed for a day and a bit. As Kirk Brandon once sang “Come back, come back. All is forgiven”.

Shout to Rt. Hon. David Rodigan for playing a track off the E.P. the other week thus letting us know about it. Pic above: A happy Sunflower from the Weeds HQ garden. Certainly not “Giant”as stated on the packet (the plant stands 3ft high) but not bad all the same.


False teeth out, slippers on, it’s the weekend…

A trio of tracks to start the weekend off in style! The first features a spoof video of a “better than well” guru cult complete with a nice bit of T’ai chi-like dancing. It’s from Mind Enterprises with a tune called Idealistic and do have a pen and paper and your credit card details handy for the end!

The next is a heavier than lead dub that’ll get you dancing down the greenhouse even in this weather! It’s called Jamtone Dub from The Shaka All Stars and around again on reissue.

And finally a bass-heavy monster from Kanka Featuring the great U Brown called Beat Down Babylon with a heavy dub at 5.21 that’ll shatter your terracotta plant pots if they’re anywhere near your speakers!

Non X Factor business (Death in the arena)

Whack the stereo up loud, open up those back doors and blast out this corker from Pinchers & Bounty Killer called “Don’t Get Weary” while sweeping up the earliest of those autumn leaves. If it’s the evening when you are reading this and you’re indoors, just turn the heating up and pour yourself a Baileys and Brandy and enjoy.

Years and years ago the Rhythm Doctor introduced me to the pleasures of the Studio 1 12″ single which led me to buy “Death In The Arena” by The Soul Vendors (the original of the above rhythm from around 1968) from Dub Vendor on reissue in the early 1980’s.

And by chance while looking around the web this morning, I found the inspiration to the Death In The Arena rhythm by Pretty Purdie called Funky Donkey from 1967. It is funky as the name suggests, but I do prefer the Jamaican jazzier take on it.

And if you want more of the same here’s a version of it I bought (supposedly brand new) as a seven inch single in the Midlands in the late 1970’s by U Brown called Black Star Liner. Mine is authentically pressed very off-centre with lots and lots of surface noise. Tune!

Hits and misses

U Brown – Blackstarliner Version – Hit Sound
A nice simple dub of U Brown’s Blackstarliner (sic) bought nearly new in Coventry in the early eighties for a couple of quid. It’s pressed very much off-centre and there’s a lovely 1cm crack at the start but with a bit of manipulation it does play and it’s a nice tune when it does! A late seventies or early eighties version of “death in the arena” for all rhythm fans.

Who needs all that 320kps MP3 business when you have an off centre, cracked, held together with sellotape classic like this!