What a bam bam

It was some bamboo canes and a couple of old Belfast sinks that saved the day at Weeds HQ last weekend. The builders are in next door and they’ve erected a 8ft high chipwood berlin wall type structure between us. To say it was initially a sight for sore eyes is an understatement so something had to be sorted.

A couple of the heavy Belfast sinks left behind by the previous owners were moved about a bit. The climbers that were growing a bit wild in them were given a prune with some secateurs and then trained around some bamboo wigwam canes. Then after a good water and a bit of a wipe down a visual compromise was reached early Saturday afternoon (above). Bamboo canes are also in use at the veg patch at the bottom of the garden as a bit of a cat deterrent thrown over the now “earthed up” seed potatoes that have now started to come through the surface. The canes will hopefully keep out the local moggies (including our own) that like to use the bed as a cat loo.

Also last weekend we put in some seeds of the Echium ‘Snow Tower’ which we bought off ebay. We love anything here that is described as “rare”, “giant” or “unusual” and I reckon this flower might at least fit two of those descriptions. It’s a hardy biennial that in the first year grows a large rosette of silver-grey leaves and then in the second a tall white flower spike of up to 15ft high. Now you’re talking!

And here’s a couple of tunes that will come in handy if you ever have to move a couple of heavy sinks. The first is a 12 minutes well jazzed out tune from Kamasi Washington called “Truth” as heard on the Tom Ravenscroft show and over a redo of the Queen of the Minstrel rhythm Sycorah with “Undercover Lover” as played on the Rt Hon David Rodigan show. Both are tunes!


Post-holiday tune of the week

Some out there Kingston, Jamaica-made madness from Puppy Disco called Last Of The Mohicans as heard on last week’s Tom Ravenscroft radio show. One to play loud when you realise it’s far too late to get the hose out to water the garden. Ends with a minutes worth of tripped out Manuel Göttsching-ness. Rough!

Cos’ the city is too hot

kalebHere’s one great mix from DJ Khalab as played on Tom Ravenscroft the other week. To quote his bandcamp his music is “an ongoing round trip journey between tribes and psyche, desert and spaceships, jungle and skyscrapers.” This mix is one mad (coach) journey to say the least!

The mix is available here for another few weeks, listen soon before it disappears! Here’s what’s on it:

1. Dj Khalab & Dj Hendrix – 6THPRLL
2. Owiny Sigoma Band (DJ Khalab Remix) – Too Hot
3. Konono No.1– Kinsumba
4. Space Diaspora – OY (Clap Clap Remix)
5. Tam Tam Tam Reimagined – Maos A Obra
6. Machinedrum – Lewasi

cos the city is too hotOne to whack out of the backroom windows loud on any evening this week coming as it’s “gonna be a heatwave” or so BBC weather says. So keep them plants a watered!

High Contrast

Black Out JA featuring Chantaleaze – Baltimore Revolution

Two tunes are rolling around our brains at the moment. The first from Black Out JA was heard on the great On The Wire on BBC Radio Lancashire the other week. It’s a blistering toast over the classic Baltimore rhythm. Tune!

Be – One (Edit)

The second is a completely different sausage, from a forthcoming album by the artist Be (Kev Bales and Tony Foster plus Jason Pierce, Youth, Deidre Bencsik, Camille Buttress and Amiina). It’s released on Caught By The River’s  Rivertones label and the LP, “imagines the sound of British summertime as heard by one of the most important members of the animal kingdom – the bee.” How good is that?

This edit was heard on Tom Ravenscroft’s show the other week and is now firmly stuck in our heads. Big up the waggle dance crew!

Tune in, turn on. It’s two for tuesday

han and egg radioA couple of great tunes heard on radio shows this week. The first is a lovely loop laden piece of ambient electronica by Gnesis called Pear off the DJ Kicks LP by Actress played on Tom Ravenscroft’s show. Haunting ain’t the word. One to look at the seed catalogues to and decide whether it’ll be artichokes or asparagus peas.

The other is Seconds, Minutes, Hours by David John Sheppard as played by Andrew Weatherall on his Music’s Not For Everyone show on NTS Radio here. Tune! Thanks to our good mates Maz and Marc for re-reminding us about that show.