Dub what you see

As played on the Rt Hon David Rodigan radio show this week, the excellent The Frightnrs out of NYC with a dub and a half of “Dispute” mixed by the great Victor Axelrod aka Ticklah. There’s some fine flyers too from the band here. Can you get that tinkering piano part out of your head? I can’t.

A soundtrack to seed buying

Thanks to the Rt Hon David Rodigan for playing the new tune from the legendary Jamaican duo Keith & Tex called “Back into your world” on his show of late. It’s a tune and a half and features a lovely dub from Ticklah and top bass from Victor Rice whose great dub of a Dubmatix tune was featured on Sounds from the South here. A tune to blast out loud on the stereo while bidding on veg and herb seeds on ebay.Seeds on ebayEarlier tonight I had a look through my seed tin and made a list of what seeds I was down on which prompted me to look on e-bay. It’s a good job I did as I got a bargain, 30 packs of seeds for £6 odd with postage (let’s hope there’s not a load of duplicates and some well out of date!)

Have a look on e-bay too as you never know what you’ll get. I just tapped in “assorted herb and vegetable seeds.” Good luck!