A quick lockdown gardening progress report

The seed spuds we put under the upside down terrarium and the small plastic cloche we found in the street are now starting to show (and look at that celery!) and so are the parsnips, cabbages and carrots (below). As long as we keep them under cover until the risk of frost is over we should be okay! Those Blue Peter style mini-coldframes made with some plastic sheeting tacked onto some old wooden palettes are working well!

And that lovely red nasturtium from the Thompson & Morgan seed trials has returned, we don’t know if it self-seeded or if it ever went away, it’s great in any case!

More trials

Here’s a quick visual update on the Thompson & Morgan seed trials. The tomatoes are looking more like beefsteak ones every day and look at the size of them!

The sunflowers are also doing well too! We love the surprises we’ve had with the trials and it shouldn’t be too long now before we’re informed about the actuals names/varieties of the plants. We’re still waiting on the spaghetti squash to ripen and we’ve a couple of lettuces on the way too. We love the trails we do!

What a difference a few days make

We know it’s only been a few days since the last pics of the Thompson & Morgan seed trials have been posted, but look what’s happened in that short time. The tomatoes have moved on a bit and all of the plants are doing well. We keep them regularly watered and feed comfrey liquid to them on a weekly basis and those fruits are now starting to swell!

And yes we’ve had problems with cheeky daytime slugs and the spaghetti squash (see post here) but for some reason they’ve missed this one!

And as for the sunflower, there’s more buds forming! It’s a value for money plant if you’re going to be buying some when they are released next year. Our specimens may be a bit on the small side but we’re not complaining! More power to the (vertically challenged) sunflower!

And thanks to whosampled: