Don’t give ‘em to the council*

*Sung to “Go tell it on the mountain”.This morning we braved the cold and did about an hour’s worth of work in the front which ain’t bad considering we haven’t done much gardening of late. It was mainly raking the fallen leaves which we put in the gardening refuse wheelie bin for Lewisham Council to dispose of. Then we had a brainwave, why let the council gain from the ingredients of some potential leaf mould when our garden could benefit from the stuff when it’s ready.

It’ll take a while and ideally we should have made a chicken wire cage for the leaves where the air and rain could get to them but we remembered we had a darlek type compost bin in the garage with no top going to waste so we made use of that. It’s not ideal but it’ll do and probably make a good home for an overwintering hedgehog or two if we’re lucky. More on the benefits of leaf mould and how to make it here.

And guess what turned up amongst the leaves in the front garden this morning, the Theatre of Hate stone (above). This natural punk oddity was originally found on the beach at Camber Sands a few years ago and has been resident by the garden pond in the back for a long while. How it “chicken danced” its way to the front garden I don’t know. Next time Kirk Brandon is doing one of his gigs we’ll present it to him, we’re sure he’d love that!

Rebel without a greenhouse

kirk brandon rockThe last post about Bauhaus reminded us of a gig many moons ago in Birmingham when they supported Theatre Of Hate. While the headline band were playing, we could see from the circle above there was some sort of chaos developing in front of the stage. A man in distress was frantically shouting at Kirk Brandon but couldn’t be heard through the roaring din of the band playing their garden fire classic “Incinerator.”

Were people getting crushed? Could somebody be seriously injured down there? Kirk Brandon waved his hands to the band to stop playing immediately, the tune coming to a crashing halt, the band members and the audience wondering what the hell was going on.

There was now silence in the venue, the worried punter shouted again and was picked up by the lead singer’s microphone and his voice relayed throughout the venue. “Kirk, Kirk, I’ve lost me shoe. Can you see it from up there?”

Mr Brandon didn’t see the funny side and carried on with the set visibly fed up (after being upstaged by a single-shoe wearing punter.) I always wonder if that bloke ever found his piece of footwear.

Pic above: A stone originally found on the beach at Camber Sands rediscovered while cleaning up around the pond a few years ago (left.) What a ringer for Kirk’s band’s logo eh? (right.)