From April showers to a dub shower

Big thanks to long-time friend The Rhythm Doctor for pointing us in the direction of this tune the other night, Hold Up Your Head by Errol Carter (aka “Flabba” Holt of the Roots Radics/Morwells) produced by the great Rupie Edwards. With a keyboard sound reminiscent of Unexpected Places by Hortense Ellis it’s a killer of a tune and on the B side a top dub called Tank Skank that the youtube here doesn’t do justice. The single is less than a fiver on discogs so hunt it down! We would like more dub showers on the stereo and less rain in the garden please (or could it rain in the night?).

Spring is just around the corner

Here’s an excellent mix from a good mate of weeds The Rhythm Doctor. It features some lovely tunes including one of a very rare nature; Joe Monsano – Haile Selassie Instrumental off Bullet Dub, a special Rhythm Doctor re-edit of Lizzard – Satta I and the damn right mad The Upsetter – Tipper Special. The full tracklistings are:

Alan Watts – Intro
Beris Bradley – Cool Rock (Slight edit)
The Upsetter – Tipper Special
Rupie Edwards – Feeling Irie
Big Youth – Jim Screechie
Augustus Pablo – Harmony Dub
Light of Saba – Collie Version
The Destroyers – Compass
Geffrey Chang & all stars – U.F.O
Lizzard – Satta I Dub (RD version)
Prince Buster All Stars – Boop
The Morwell – The Giant
Joe Monsano – Haile Selassie Instrumental
Michael Campbell – Home Guard version
Linval Thompson – Mariguana
Blackbeard – Cut after Cut
The Upsetters – Return of the Super Ape
Prince Far I & The Arabs – Homeward Bound
Augustus Pablo – Abyssinia Dub

It’s a mix to stick on loud while sowing those early tomato seeds under a plastic propagator on a warm windowsill indoors. But in the words of the song “Cool it, don’t rush it” as it’s still a bit t’wirley!

Never mind the angle grinders

The builders next door have been at it since just after 8am this morning (and it’s a Saturday as well!) To drown them out this afternoon we’ve been listening to October’s edition of The Rhythm Doctor‘s Estonian Raadio 2 radio show loud (available here). The show includes a load of musical gems as per including this excellent tune from MAMA called Unmask Me remixed by one Ashley Beedle which is a winner. The version is nice too!

Never mind the gloomy weather, spread the rhythm (doc)

A forecast of doom and gloom

And talking about the Rhythm Doctor as we were in the last post…

We thank him for letting us know about his great mixtape recorded live at the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch last week for Jocks and Nerds Magazine.

A top mixture of all-sorts (from Max Romeo, Fun Boy Three, Grace Jones and Bertie King & Baba Motta amongst many others). One to listen to while looking out of the window having a cup of Verbena tea.

Nice one Chris!

The best things in life are (nearly) free!

Seed swap_1_Edit
A big thanks to Lewisham Gardens and Golightly Gardens for organising the great seed swap in Deptford yesterday. I got nearly everything from my wants list and there were loads of great seeds available. These events are always good for meeting fellow gardeners, getting growing advice and for picking up those odd varieties of seeds.

I got sunflowers, sweet peas, hollyhocks, poppies, foxgloves and gaillardia in the flower line. I wasn’t looking for too much veg as I’m happily sorted for those after getting a bargain of mixed veg seeds on ebay the other month.

I did get a couple of varieties of basil (bush and sweet genovese), french beans and a beefsteak tomato called Marmande which looked like it could be an extra from that silly 70’s film Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.Seedswap deptfordI was on my way out when I met a lovely chap who was looking for the seed swap who worked for Lewisham council. He told me later after a long shift at the council all he wants to do is spend the rest of his day up his allotment. Great stuff! Back in the seedswap he shared a wide variety of seeds (and I don’t even think he wanted anything in return as far as I can remember) and I got a tomato called Black Krim from Russia!

When I finally left I visited the new and improved Dig This Nursery in Clifton Rise, New Cross after being ribbed by Mihaly (who was doing a talk at the seed swap about growing veg in small spaces) for not being up to speed about knowing that their shop has moved. Sometimes I find it hard enough to keep up with what’s going in me own small world let alone outside it! They’ve even opened a new shop in Rye Lane in the parish of Peckham too.

In the New Cross shop is a second hand record section where I flicked through some old reggae singles (£3 each) where they had a copy of the late great Nicky Thomas tune Love of the Common People (to hear the original jamaican version without the strings click here). On the B side of that well-known single is the tune below which I was reminded about by The Rhythm Doctor when he span it at one of our events at Limewharf last year.

And thanks to the excellent Dancecrasher website (from The Tighten Up Crew) here’s the vocal version of the above from Slim Smith. Well I never knew that!

Thanks again to Lewiham Gardens and Golightly Gardens for this event. More seed swaps please!

Last orders for lager and lime


A quick reminder of the event we’re hosting tomorrow night (Friday 7th November) at LimeWharf, Vyner Street, London E2 9DJ. It’s a free session of Reggae, Disco, Soul and Funk with The Rhythm Doctor, One Deck Pete and Hayereyah on the mike. The night starts at 6pm and goes on till 9pm and it’s FREE! How good is that?

Lager & Lime

Liming_FlyerHere’s news of an early session (6pm-9pm) we’re involved in up at LimeWharf early next month. The last one there was great and a good time was had by all, and thanks to all the DJ’s including The Rhythm Doctor and Thea (MADONJAZZ) and Mark G from Penge Jazz who will hopefully be making another appearance with us in the spring/early summer at the venue for another Saturday all-dayer if it all goes well!

So put the date in your diary a free early friday night session of Reggae, Disco, Soul and Funk on 7th November 2014 at LimeWharf, Vyner Street, London E2 9DJ with The Rhythm Doctor, Weeds up to me kneesOne Deck Pete and Hayereyah on the mike and harmonica. A cheap and early night out!

Last of the summer lime

Lord Creator – Such is life – Randy’s

Big thanks to everyone who attended yesterday’s “The last Saturday of Summer” at Limewharf  and for making it a great day out! Big thanks to Emma at Limewharf for sorting it out, Marc B for the idea and The Rhythm Doctor (who played the above), Thea and Mark G for playing some brilliant tunes! It was a perfect venue for getting together and chatting over a few bevies to some great music.

A couple of gardening related things picked up while at Limewharf yesterday. Firstly, thanks to Dell for letting us know about the forthcoming Cordwainers Garden Autumn Show on Saturday 20th September at 182 Mare Street E8 3RE from 11am-3pm. Look’s great, who’s the local celebrity I wonder?

cordwainersAlso thanks to our old musical collaborator, Hayereyah for passing on his new CD with a gardening themed cover. Great rootsy stuff as per from Hayereyah, no gardening pun intended!humility before honor

The great Summer revival of 2014

Saturday flyer

Here’s a quick reminder of the event we are staging with the good folks at Limewharf this Saturday afternoon. Thanks to Emma for getting it all sorted at the last minute and to Marc B. for giving us the idea.

Music is from 3-8pm and features some great summer tunes from weeds’ very own One Deck Pete plus our friends Thea (MADONJAZZ), Mark G (Penge Jazz) and all the way from Tallinn, Estonia The Rhythm Doctor. You can bring your kids, it costs zilch and it’s a nice chilled out venue so there’s no excuse. Come down and enjoy the end of summer this Saturday afternoon!

There’s also art, acupuncture and a whole lot more. There’s a film called “Drag is my Ecstasy” about the club night Sink The Pink and an exhibition of work from David Holah of BodyMap. How good is that for a Saturday afternoon!

For more info: