Tis the season (for sprouts)

When it comes to growing brussels sprouts we never usually have much luck. Over the years there’s been many attempts with results ranging from the sprouts being “blown” to a horrible incident from a few years ago we’d like to forget about. A week before Christmas a fox rubbed his rear-end against the one of the only brussel sprout plant leaving a nasty brown deposit on the stalk. Even after the plant had a good hosing down and it was clean as a whistle, it scarred us psychologically (possibly for life) and no way could our sprouts be served at the Christmas dinner table. We had to procure another “leg” of them from the local supermarket even though we’d been growing them for the best part of a year. That don’t make sense does it?This year it has been better, there hasn’t been any incidents nor any sprouts blowing out. We grew a couple of plants from seed (they were tiny in April here) and even though one of the plants are at a 45 degree to the ground (picture above) there are a decent amount of sprouts on it (close up of it below). 

The other plant has kept straight and has a fair few sprouts on it so you can say we’ve had some sort of success this year!Talking of sprouts and all things festive we here at Weeds wish all our readers a Great Christmas and a Happy New Year! We probably posted this tune up before but what the heck, it’s a festive one! Big shout out to a long gone second-hand shop in Coventry called John’s in the late 1970’s for having this Coxsone Dodd white label blank in its record boxes (which were just beside the owner’s snarling German shepherd). So have a great festive season and may the Bailey’s/Tia Maria (and non-alcoholic cocktails for the non-drinkers out there) be with you!

It’s a spring thing!


And they’re off! It’s now officially spring, the forced rhubarb and a lonely crocus under the black plastic bucket out the back (above) are showing signs of life and the tomato seeds have started to germinate indoors (below). All we need now is some dry days and then we can start to prepare for the forthcoming months!


And to get you all in the mood for the forthcoming season here’s some tunes …


Hold tight all garlic crew…

GarlicaLast autumn I bought a small number of Garlic cloves from Shannon’s and stuck them in the ground over winter and last night I pulled a good few of them out to harvest. I’ll be leaving them against the kitchen wall to dry out a bit. Not a bad harvest for something you don’t have to bother too much with once they’ve been planted. There’s still even a couple of rows left in the ground too!

Songs to sow seeds to

Songs to sow seeds to-March

Here’s a nice collection of tunes to accompany your seed sowing this month. It’s an excellent mix tape from Chronixx and Federation Sound as mentioned on the great David Rodigan show the other week.

It features some well known chronixx tracks over some classic rhythm tracks like jah jah jahovah, king tubby meets the rockers uptown, cuss cuss, monkey man, joyride and much much more!

This month is a funny one for seed sowing as it’s still not warm enough to sow everything outdoors but you can give some carrots, beetroot, kale, broad beans, leeks, parsnips, spinach and turnips a go if it’s not too cold. I sowed a row each of beetroot, carrots, lettuce and spinach the other day, if they don’t work, they don’t work and it’s only a couple of rows of seeds wasted.

You can always start these indoors this month: aubergines, herbs including basil and the like, brussels sprouts, cauliflowers, chilli peppers, sweet peppers and tomatoes and what about starting a pot of salad leaves on the windowsill.

It’s still a bit early for spuds but in a couple of weeks time it will be and the gardening season will get underway and we won’t know what’s hit us!

STOP PRESS: Cheers to our mate Ciarán in Canada for sending us a pic of his advocado from seed (and some find looking sage in the background) that have grown all the way through their mild winter. How good is that? avocado

A pre-gardening reggae apéritif

We’ve woken up to a bright and sunny day here in London and just before a day of pottering about in the garden (or more likely, before the clouds go in!) here’s a wonderful bit of music to get you going.

It’s Chronixx doing a live set over some classic Studio 1 rhythms from his first appearance at Miss Lilys in New York City in 2012. Miss Lily’s looks a brilliant place, a restaurant, record shop and radio station, all they need now is a little garden centre at the back and it would be an ideal place for us here at weeds! Also, here’s a set Chronixx did there from back in 2014.

Some tunes to get you in mood for weeding, watering and taking off that horticultural fleece from the cold night just has gone (which you’ll more than likely be putting back on come this evening!).

One for the weekend, sir/madam?

Mr Benn “Stars” featuring Eva Lazarus, Blackout JA & Champian – Nice Up! Records
An excellent version of the Studio 1 classic “Stars” by Mr Benn as played on David Rodigan’s show this week (well, the instrumental was) and this version features the vocal talent of Eva Lazarus and two great toasts by Blackout and Champian (I take it, it’s the same Champian from the excellent Tighten Up posse, big up Mistah Brown and Tim P.) A top tune that’ll lure the sun back out into action again!

(Non-gardening) mag of the week

Woofah – Issue 4 (A5 96 pages for £4!) The latest issue of the excellent reggae, dubstep and grime magazine Woofah featuring lots of great stuff, including reggae-wise the late dub poet Michael Smith (“me cyaan believe it”), Joe Ariwa (Mad Professor’s Son) & Young Warrior, YT, UK dub cutting houses, Studio 1 photographer Ron Vester (he mentions that King Stitt used to get loads of female attention) and a great interview with Tony Thorpe of 400 Blows, Moody Boy’s etc (I seen him playing records once at a Saberettes night in a basement underneath the BT tower!). This mag is well designed and well researched with no advertisements and a must for any serious reggae (and dubstep) fan. Big up to John Eden and friends for putting this fine magazine together!

£4 from John direct on http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WOOFAH-4-grime-dubstep-reggae-bashment-fanzine-/230799965259?pt=UK_Magazines&hash=item35bcbffc4b

John also has a great blog called http://www.uncarved.org/blog/