Barefoot gardeners of the world unite!

This week’s podcast of The Dirt is now online, and features seed swapping, an interview with The Grumpy Gardener and our feature Sounds From The South which is at 24.30 minutes in here. Tune of the week is the excellent Victor Rice dub of Dubmatix featuring Jay Douglas  Celebrate my Love.

Robin’s revenge!

robin_2Listen to the podcast of this week’s episode of The Dirt on Fab Radio International here.

There’s some great things on the show this week including lots of talk of about Beetroot, the first of a brand new feature “blog of the week” with Agents of FieldSounds From The South (at 26.02 mins in) is about why Beetroot is my favourite vegetable (tune of the week is Big Youth – Some like it Dread) and Amie Sagar interviews the person on the street about the shocking pictures of the new killer Robin that has now settled in the UK ready to cause aggravation! Get orf me bird bath! Ta to The Dirt for letting us reproduce the shocking photo’s they obtained here!robin_1

Sounds from the South 8 – Groovin’ with Mr Bloe

Sounds from The South – Episode 8

This week’s Sounds from the South on The Dirt is about a bloke I worked with on the council called Big Dennis and his way of cleaning leaves out of a park. Tune of the week is from Dennis Brown called How could I leave from 1978 on Joe Gibbs.

Have a listen on play again here for all sorts of gardening related malarkey including Andy McIndoe on leaf composting, Angela De Fouw’s olive oil and The Idiot Gardener on The Soil Association (and 10 minutes in for Sounds from the South). Cheers again to Si, Ricky and Paul!

I was hoping to listen to the show live this week but something bonkers happened that stopped me from doing so! You’ll have to wait until Episode 9 for that, so tune in to The Dirt on Fab Radio International next Sunday from 6-8pm live.

Thieves like us

angry seagullA big shout to Simon, Ricky and Paul at The Dirt on Radio Fab International. Tune in every Sunday night from 6-8pm here for “a gardening programme like no other.”

Tomorrow night’s show will feature weeds’ very own “sounds from the south” spot which this week is called “True life bird business.” Listen in from 6pm to find out more!

Big up the dirt!


Here’s last night’s episode of The Dirt on Fab Radio International featuring our very own “Sounds from the south.” Have a listen to the show as there’s a lot of mad stuff on it including news that the Peckham Parakeet has a northern relative!

The show is available as a podcast here and “Sounds” appears at 14.40 minutes in. Thanks very much again to Simon, Ricky and Paul at The Dirt for having us! For episode one of the new format of the show have a listen here and “sounds” appears in the first few minutes if you’re interested. The Dirt, a gardening programme like no other, indeed!

Pic above: Two “playful” Peckham Parakeets in Vic Godard’s back garden trying to dismantle the bird feeder.

Larry Levan’s Paradise Borage

we ain't biasedBig up to Simon and Paul from The Dirt (a gardening show like no other) for having a bit of a laugh with our Borage pronunciation debate on the show on Radio Fab International tonight.

Also a big shout to the show’s gardening expert/gentleman gardener Geoff Garrard for going for “bor-raj”, but we here are still sticking with “borridge” though! I mean it really don’t matter how we say it, the bees will still go mental for it!

The bees don’t care what it’s called but what do you think? The nation decides…

Heavy like dirt

Cheers to Simon, Paul and Ricky at The Dirt at Radio Fab International for having us on their “gardening show like no other” tonight and for playing Madtone’s “Compost your mind” at the start of the programme. Check out The Dirt on play again here (Go to The Dirt 15th June 2014) Madtones Compost Your Mind is at 1.36 mins, the interview is at 26 mins and the brilliant Idiot Gardener going off on one (in a very funny episode) at 43 mins. Listen in and have a laugh!

Johnny Clarke – Roots Natty Congo b/w A Roots Version (Attack)

Big up Joey Jay (brother of Norman) for playing this track on his Kiss FM Roots Reggae Show many moons ago, another production from the great Bunny “Striker” Lee. If “I am the gorgon” is showing at a cinema near you, do go as you won’t be disappointed (and you will laugh many times while watching it!)