Much more music…

This morning we were happily reminded of a tune from a time gone by from Dimitri From Tokyo/Paris called Love Love Mode (Disorient) which we heard on an early episode of a regular mixcloud programme we’ve been tuning into recently called the Catface Show.

The show is presented by Bob Catface and the shows are 30 minutes in duration featuring a great mix of downtempo and all sorts (and we mean all sorts) of great music. Well worth a listen! Link to it here.

Behind the screen please

Tune into X-Raydio tonight on WRMI at 2200 utc (2300 U.K. time) on 9395 kHz for a bit of an ultrasonic treat.
The show features a piece on Bone Music by Stephen Coates from The Real Tuesday Weld and a flexi disc mix by Shane Quentin. Thanks a million to Stephen and Shane for contributing to the show.
So this evening, slip into one of those light hospital gowns, tie up the back (or is it the front?) and tune into something a little bit different on the shortwaves.

Second Annual Report

Here’s the audio of this morning’s broadcast on WRMI of the KMTS End of year transmission. This programme features two shortwave radio themed mixes from us at Weeds up to me knees. The first mix opens up the proceedings from 00.00:

“Keep it chilled for KMTS
Grey Frequency – Chimes (Rai Internazionale)*
Audiovert – Another Universe*
Lapa – 45th Parallel
U Roy talking about King Tubby’s pirate radio adventures
(*Both tracks from the Cities and Memory shortwave project, more info here)

Then follows some eclectic programming from our good friend from across the pond, Ye olde DJ until 42.10 and then:

“The Circles of your mind”
Upcoast Channel 5 – CODAR
Lullatone – Sunday Morning Shopping with a Stroller
liloieee – Train tracks
Paul Davidson – Midnight Ridim (from the Jamaican release of the single Midnight Rider)
Gats – Schneewittchen 
Love Unlimited – Under the influence of Love

Hope you enjoy the show and do turn it up loud. As the station says on their mixcloud:

“The KMTS transmission service winds down our 2021 activities with this fast radio burst of test tones, sounds and songs.

So click on the radio, turn out the lights, and let exotic sounds from distant mountain top towers, take you on a trip to a land that is far away…”

There will be more to come in the following weeks and months so keep ’em peeled!

A transmission from the lamp

Via WRMI we have another transmission from the mysterious Radio Lavalamp this Sunday/Monday 18th/19th April on 9395 kHz. When the clock strikes 2300 UTC or Midnight UK time DJ Frederick takes to the helm to sail solo in the Lavalamp studio. Expects some chilled tunes!