Tunes for a Summer’s evening

Two excellent tunes to play loud on this nice summer’s evening. The first as spun by the Rt. Hon. David Rodigan the other week is a chilled out version from Jane Macgizmo called Babylon Dub. Another great artist and tune out of the ZincFence stable.

The second is a heavy heavy bass piece from Saint Abdullah out of Brooklyn/Tehran called Martyrdub. Intense  and powerful are a couple of words to describe this. Available on MP3, Cassette and Vinyl here. One to be heard LOUD! More on Saint Abdullah here.

What a bam bam

It was some bamboo canes and a couple of old Belfast sinks that saved the day at Weeds HQ last weekend. The builders are in next door and they’ve erected a 8ft high chipwood berlin wall type structure between us. To say it was initially a sight for sore eyes is an understatement so something had to be sorted.

A couple of the heavy Belfast sinks left behind by the previous owners were moved about a bit. The climbers that were growing a bit wild in them were given a prune with some secateurs and then trained around some bamboo wigwam canes. Then after a good water and a bit of a wipe down a visual compromise was reached early Saturday afternoon (above). Bamboo canes are also in use at the veg patch at the bottom of the garden as a bit of a cat deterrent thrown over the now “earthed up” seed potatoes that have now started to come through the surface. The canes will hopefully keep out the local moggies (including our own) that like to use the bed as a cat loo.

Also last weekend we put in some seeds of the Echium ‘Snow Tower’ which we bought off ebay. We love anything here that is described as “rare”, “giant” or “unusual” and I reckon this flower might at least fit two of those descriptions. It’s a hardy biennial that in the first year grows a large rosette of silver-grey leaves and then in the second a tall white flower spike of up to 15ft high. Now you’re talking!

And here’s a couple of tunes that will come in handy if you ever have to move a couple of heavy sinks. The first is a 12 minutes well jazzed out tune from Kamasi Washington called “Truth” as heard on the Tom Ravenscroft show and over a redo of the Queen of the Minstrel rhythm Sycorah with “Undercover Lover” as played on the Rt Hon David Rodigan show. Both are tunes!




Big shout to The TurntableTerrorist Terry C out of Chicago for sending us this pic of his garden from a few years ago. As he emailed this evening “I especially long for it now that we’re in deep winter in Chicago.” We know what you mean, even though the snow and the frost aren’t showing their faces in the UK at the moment but they will.

Check out Terry’s excellent show “Echo Beach” that is a big 10 years old this year on WLUW 88.7 Chicago live here and on the Mixcloud site here.

As it’s says on the WLUW website it’s a “bass-heavy sonic journey through the world of dub, starting with old-school roots and covering dub and dub influenced music including new-school roots, ambient dub, dubhop, dubstep, digi-dub, Asian dub and more from around the globe. Rivers of bass flowing into oceans of dub…all from the shores of Lake Michigan.” A show well up our street and definitely one to tune in to. Cheers to Terry C for playing our tunes on his show. Appreciated!

And while we’re here, here’s a lovely bit of chilled out vibes to celebrate the winter solstice (it’s all uphill from here) as heard on the Rt Hon David Rodigan show this week. Tune!!!

Dub what you see

As played on the Rt Hon David Rodigan radio show this week, the excellent The Frightnrs out of NYC with a dub and a half of “Dispute” mixed by the great Victor Axelrod aka Ticklah. There’s some fine flyers too from the band here. Can you get that tinkering piano part out of your head? I can’t.

Can you hear me Major Tom?

Major Lazer (ft. Amber of the Dirty Projectors) – Get Free 

A lovely old tune played to death by the Rt Hon David Rodigan. A bit of the chilled to the gills tunage rather than the usual “mad as” Major Lazer gear but bonkers in it’s own way! Dedicated to the International Space Station that was supposed to be visible in London tonight for the last time until a few weeks time. Did I see it? No.