It’s a punky leggy party (and it’s alright)!

Weeds progress report March 2018: The seed trays on the windowsill in the front bedroom are doing well if not on the leggy side (nice article about correcting leggy seedlings here), containing heritage varieties from the Roots & Shoots event and some nice herb and veg seeds from Shannon’s. It’s early days yet but spring really does come around before you know it so it’s best to be prepared!

And the seed potatoes are chitting nicely (above). The hymn sheet-like list to the left corresponds to the seed tray next to it as we’ll probably forget what’s been sown. Roll on spring when we can sow those seeds in situ!

On a Bamberger tip

The other week at the Roots & Shoots potato and seed shop day we purchased alongside some seed spuds and a good few packs of heritage seeds some long onions that took our fancy not knowing anything about them. Imagine our surprise when we found out last week the Bamberger Long Onion we selected was rare (and you know we love anything that’s deemed “rare” here!) All we know about them is they grow long, are supposedly white and sweet and used in recipes where it’s stuffed with all sorts. Has anyone had success with them and are they any good?

Until we hear anything here’s a couple of cracking onion related tunes…

It’s a bit previous but…

chitting-2016-styleeHere’s something that’s well up our street, a bit in advance though but one well worth sticking in the diary all the same.

Roots & Shoots Potato Day
Sunday 12th February 2016
Walnut Tree Walk
SE11 6DN
Potatoes, seeds, sets, fruit trees and bushes on sale and other stalls. Admission charge and all funds to Roots & Shoots.

A few years ago we attended a Potato Day event at Sydenham Girls School (post here) and it was great. It had a mix and match seed potato sale, bulbs, fruit canes and even a seed swap. It was only a few quid to get in and the spuds weren’t too badly priced either.

We’re not sure about the admission price or if there is a seed swap at the Roots & Shoots event but we’ll put the feelers out. It’s a great venue, as a few years ago we attended an Introduction to Beekeeping course there. After a while when we were there we forgot we were actually in London. Do pencil it in the diary…

More on the Potato Days around the UK here.