Spud U like?

As it isn’t too long to Good Friday – traditionally the time to be sowing your potatoes (according to the late great Joe Maiden) – thought went out to the seed spuds chitting away merrily on the windowsill at Weeds HQ.

While on the internet researching about the variety we have chitting here ‘Rocket”, we found out a couple of interesting things about it on Gardenfocussed.co.uk. It turns out it’s easy to grow and one of the first early spud to mature. The other was that it was:

“A rather bland tasting potato. They can be perked up flavour-wise by adding slightly more salt than normal, a knob of butter and preferably a good sprinkling with fresh mint. But there’s no getting away from it, if you want a tasty spud, look elsewhere.”

And we thought we were doing so well! So this weekend it’s back to the drawing-board and down the garden centre to get some Maris-Pipers or something tasty. The moral of this spud related tale is do your research!

And unconnected to anything potato based here’s a lovely tune as heard on On The Wire the other week: Rhythm & Sound’s History Version. Tune!

A potato state of mind

This is bit previous but some news has just come in of Roots and Shoots’ second Potato Day. We sadly missed last year’s one but will go to this if all goes well. Not sure if there’s a seed swap there too but they’ll be more info nearer the time at http://www.roots&shoots.org

Sunday 11th February 2018 11.00am-2.00pm
Roots & Shoots Potato Day
Walnut Tree Walk
Lambeth, London SE11 6DN

The potato show continues a couple of days later on the Tuesday and Wednesday 13th and 14th February 2018 at the RHS Spring Sale at RHS Lindley Hall, London but they’ll be a charge for that one. More on the national potato day network here if you don’t reside in London town and would like your seed spud fix. If you’re part of a potato day or you know about any seed swaps do let us know and we’ll get the info out there. #potatoday #seedswap