On a pritt stick tip

An afternoon of zinesThanks to Fliss C for letting us know about the next fanzine related event at Putney Library, 5-7 Disraeli Road, Putney SW15 2DR on Saturday 7th May 2016 from 2-5pm.

They’ll welcome everyone who’s interested in fanzines especially people who are new to the subject too as they’re having a library for people to sample zines. Fliss herself is having an exhibition there celebrating her 20 years of my zine work. Brilliant stuff! More info here. She’s picked a very apt tune to accompany this piece.

And if you love all those old Punk fanzines take a look at the “Bored Teenagers” fanzine page (which features our old fanzine Ded Yampy alongside loads of others of that time.)

Bored teenagers

Vive la Prittstick, an old typewriter and a procured photocopier!

I was looking for a job and then I found a job…

Punk Rock Job

Recently we saw this great job vacancy for a Punk London Project Co-ordinator at The Museum Of London. If you fancy applying then read on as we’ve a mate on the inside who told us a little bit about the selection process for the job.

Initially they’ll be a multiple choice exam with questions like “How old is Charlie Harper?” “What group was Sting in?” peppered with some trick questions like “Was Debbie Harry in Sham 69?” Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

There will be tests that will measure “How high can you pogo (unaided)” and “How long you can do the punk kicking dance for (before you run out of breath)” which we’re in training for at the moment.

There’s a very high standard set by Richard Jobson which you should be aiming for at the first interview stage.

Alledgedly there’ll also extra points awarded for anyone who turns up drunk or late for the interview and also for any clever applicants who can throw in a few choice swear words too.

Application forms MUST be in by 5pm on Sunday 27th March.

That deadline’s no good for us as we’re usually settling down to watch Countryfile then Antiques Roadshow at that time of night with our Sunday dinner on our laps. Vive Le Rock!

Where were you in 2012?

Last week I went to “Someday All the Adults Will Die!” (Punk Graphics 1971-1984), an exhibition and fanzine discussion at The Hayward Gallery here in London. I’ve always been interested in fanzines since doing one years ago, so thought I’d give it a go. Ta to Marc for the tip off.

The discussion featured amongst others, Tony D from Ripped and Torn/Kill Your Pet Puppy fanzine and Gee Vaucher, creator of the bonkers graphics for the punk band Crass. Funnily enough I stayed off the beer on the night as I usually get a bit contrary at these events and give it all “Punk wasn’t about nostalgia” etc etc (yawn!).

One of the highlights of the discussion was me and my mate (nice one Lee!) getting told off by the girl in front of us for whispering a couple of times through the talk. So much for Punk being about freedom, obviously not! Later on going around the exhibition I got a bit worked up as it featured a copy of Ripped and Torn 17 (All images on this post from that issue). “I’m in that, I’m in that” I excitedly said to my mate. Good job I didn’t have a drink beforehand as I wouldn’t been happy until I had got the staff to unscrew the Perspex panel there and then and take the fanzine down to show to my friend. Good job I didn’t, as looking at that Ripped and Torn again this morning I found the mention, very very small at the back of it in biro (below).

Hardly stuff to get worked up about.

But no whispering at punk discussions though!

Gardening’s not dead!