I thought the major was a lady suffragette

It’s mad what you can find in the soil while you’re gardening. Since we’ve been living at Weeds HQ we’ve unearthed a kid’s trainer, a few pairs of mummified underpants and a dustbin bag’s worth of lurid coloured plastic clothes pegs.
A few weeks ago when we were forking up some spuds we found what looked like a small lump of coal. We gave it a good clean and made some enquiries at the Covent Garden collector’s market this morning.
I was told by a nice chap on an antique stall that the item is part of a fake Jet Victoriana brooch from about 1880. He said Jet was quite fashionable at the time as Queen Victoria wore Jet jewellery whilst in mourning for Prince Albert and it caught on big time. Trouble is: 1. It’s a fake made out of moulded glass and 2. It’s only half an item.
It might not be much to look at and wouldn’t even be mentioned on Time Team but it sure beats finding the kid’s pushbike that was half buried on the lawn when we moved in, knackering the new flymo on the first day of it’s purchase! Isn’t it brill what you can find?
We’d love to hear from anyone who has found anything good while digging in the garden or on the allotment? Answers on a postcard please…