Shortwave’s not dead

Big thanks to DJ Frederick for including One Deck Pete’s Second hand shop classics in today’s broadcast of the excellent Free Radio Skybird via Channel 292 in Germany. If you like sound of fading and excitable radio waves have a listen to the below.


The show is available in all it’s glory below (without all that shortwave business) and is well worth listening to! Second hand shop classics is at 26 minutes in. Big shout to DJ Frederick and everyone involved. #shortwavesnotdead #freeradioskybird

All that’s on are damn repeats…

A big Boxing Day shout to all gardeners! Just to let you know the first series of our Sounds From the South feature on Fab Radio International‘s The Dirt are now all up online on Soundcloud.

There’s a load of garden related babble and a whole lot lot more. Log on and drop off!

Last orders for lager and lime


A quick reminder of the event we’re hosting tomorrow night (Friday 7th November) at LimeWharf, Vyner Street, London E2 9DJ. It’s a free session of Reggae, Disco, Soul and Funk with The Rhythm Doctor, One Deck Pete and Hayereyah on the mike. The night starts at 6pm and goes on till 9pm and it’s FREE! How good is that?

Lager & Lime

Liming_FlyerHere’s news of an early session (6pm-9pm) we’re involved in up at LimeWharf early next month. The last one there was great and a good time was had by all, and thanks to all the DJ’s including The Rhythm Doctor and Thea (MADONJAZZ) and Mark G from Penge Jazz who will hopefully be making another appearance with us in the spring/early summer at the venue for another Saturday all-dayer if it all goes well!

So put the date in your diary a free early friday night session of Reggae, Disco, Soul and Funk on 7th November 2014 at LimeWharf, Vyner Street, London E2 9DJ with The Rhythm Doctor, Weeds up to me kneesOne Deck Pete and Hayereyah on the mike and harmonica. A cheap and early night out!

Stomping at the savoy

New Boots and panties

Sounds from The South 12 – These boots are made for working
Our contribution to The Dirt this week is about my beloved gardening boots when I worked for the council years ago. Tune of the week is from the Carlton & The Shoes with Love me forever. Keep on stepping!

Have a listen on play again when it’s up later this week (19th October show) here (Sounds from The South is usually around 10 minutes in.) The show features The Idiot Gardener, Peat, Morissons and The Gentleman Gardener amongst lots of other stuff. Cheers again to Si, Ricky and Paul!

Said I’m a council man. And I’ve got (no) work to do


Sounds from The South 10 – Never mind the Council
Our contribution to The Dirt this week is about meeting a couple of those Sex Pistols fellows while working as a council gardener in West London in the 1980’s. Tune of the week is from the great U-Roy & The Gladiators called Natty Rebel.

Have a listen on play again when it’s up later this week (5th October show) here (Sounds from The South is usually around 10 minutes in), alongside more gardening related stuff including funerals, morrisons, squashes and a tale about one of The Smiths. Cheers again to Si, Ricky and Paul!

That’s just reminded me, years ago I was told by a bloke who I doing an apprenticeship with (who wasn’t the full shilling on thinking back) that his brother was a mechanic who got a call one day in December 1977 to a coach that was carrying a famous rock band that had broken down on the motorway just outside Coventry.

He told me that when his brother went to fix the coach on the hard shoulder, it was the Sex Pistols and that all the band and their entourage were all dressed in “normal” clothes (flares, star jumpers and hair like Noel Edmonds etc) and all the punk stuff was “just an act.” Briliant, this rates as one of the best stories I’ve ever been told! But please don’t tell that to the dog-collared fashionista I seen at London Bridge station the other morning.

And if you want to vote The Dirt for your favourite show on Fab Radio International please cast your vote here!

Don’t you dirty my name, you hear!

Sounds from The South – Episode 7

This week’s Sounds from the south on Fab Radio International’s The Dirt is about a choice job a mate of mine had years ago. Tune of the week is from Barry Biggs called Work All Day from 1976 and it’s one to do “The chucky” to!

Have a listen on play again when it goes up later this week (14th September show) here for all sorts of gardening and growing malarkey including psychoactive plants. Sounds from The South is about 10 minutes in. Cheers to Si, Ricky and Paul!