The ISS goes round and round, round and round etc

Space station 2015 It’s that time again! The International Space Station is back around these parts, and can be seen up to five times a day if you’re feeling hardcore! I’ll be out in the back garden joining the slugs and snails over the next few nights, stumbling into the flowerbeds while looking up at the night sky!

For viewing times, stick in your location here or download the ISS Detector app for your mobile. Also if you want to get a bit on the deep tip, check out Heavens Above for all sorts of stuff to tilt up your head up at the night sky to.

Also here’s something ISS related from our sounds from the south podcast from last year. One small step for mankind and all that!


Vegetables in orbit

Wayne Smith/Prince Jammy – Time Is A Moment in Space/Dub

The International Space Station is on an orbit over the UK for viewing at a reasonable time this month and do remember it has the VPS (Vegetable Production System a.k.a “Veg-01”) on board, growing lettuces, pumpkins, carrots, runner beans and purple sprouting broccoli 200 miles above the earth. How good is that?

We all know there hasn’t been a slug launched into space as yet, so everything should be okay on that count (carrot fly are well out of the equation too) but the big question is, does a runner bean-cane tripod stay vertical when out of the earth’s atmosphere? I’ve left a couple of messages on the NASA answer machine asking them but they are not getting back to me just yet.ISS predictionsIf you fancy a gander at the big tin can in space, just buy yourself a cheap compass off ebay (£2 ish) and tap in your location at the “Spot the ISS” site here which will tell you what time to look, in what direction and what angle to tilt your head up at. And to see where it is at the present moment have a look here.

A word to the wise though, don’t even bother with any sightings that are less than a minute as it takes about that long to locate the thing. Big up the ISS!