This land is your land

Yesterday afternoon just as the rain started to pour we popped in to Shannon’s for some multi-purpose compost for our new zinc planters in the back garden. While we were there we got chatting to a nice chap from The Woodland Trust and asked if they’d be up for compiling a chart for us. Until they get back to us here’s a quick woodland-related five on this wet and chilly Good Friday. We honestly can’t see ourselves putting those spuds in the ground this weekend, so it’s back to looking on the internet for odd and interesting seeds.

Primal stream

Big shout to Rob from Yesmate a great music sharing platform for mixes and playlists (Mixcloud, Soundcloud, Youtube, Spotify, etc). You’ll definitely find something to keep you happy never mind what genre you’re into. We’ve been listening since the weekend to some fine mixes including the great Blundetto, Mixmaster Morris and Jon More. Log on…