Seed potatoes and citizens of the earth

Big thanks to Mick Matthews of The Cambridge Self-sufficiency Group for letting us know about their 9th Potato Day and Seed Swap on Saturday 10th February. A nice touch is that they charge for the seed spuds by the kilo so visitors can buy as few or as many as they like. We love that idea here! If you are around those parts give their Potato Day a visit.

Cambridgeshire Self Sufficiency Group
9th Annual Potato Day
Saturday 10th February 2018 11am-2pm
All Saints Church,
Market Square, 
Huntingdon PE29 3NR
Doors open to CSSG members at 10-30am and to the public at 11-00am

Also a big shout to Dr Strangedub for playing Earth Citizen by Jazzmin Tutum & Madtone on the other week’s Echo Chamber on KFAI. The show which also features The Green, Sly & Robbie, Talisman, Zion Train, Lee Perry and Coldcut X On-U Sound airs the unreleased as yet track from Weeds’ very own Madtone at 1.43.35 here. #jazzminmadtone #earthcitizen

Cool in the pool

We’ve been away for a week in southern Turkey for a well needed break and here’s some nice examples of what was about in the gardens of the village we stayed at. If only we had a little more heat over here in Forest Hill and we could grow a bit of what was on offer there including (above) a lovely selection of flowers and (below) one of the many prickly pear cactus and pomegranate trees in the village. The fruit was used by the local cocktail bar for their classic Pomegranate Martini, now that was a fine tipple!

While we were away it was very sad to hear that Holger Czukay the madcap bassist of Can, Jah Wobble collaborator and musical pioneer passed away aged 79. He was the creator of some classic shortwave radio sampling tunes that influenced the weeds related music project Madtone.  When we first heard those tunes many moons ago they blew us away! Here’s some of our favourites. RIP Holger Czukay!

Weeds in a culture clash

A massive thanks to the DJ and dread gardener Don Letts for playing Jazzmin Tutum & (Weeds up to me knees’ very own) Madtone’s I once saw the revolutionary in you as part of his “Best of 2016” special in January on BBC Radio 6. The show features Damian Marley, C Duncan and The Frightnrs and a whole lot more! The Jazzmin & Madtone tune is at 1.02.42. Big thanks Don!

A new day, a new track

A big shout to our musical collaborator Jazzmin Tutum (dub poet and vocalist of Zion Train) out of Germany. Here’s a quick taster from the forthcoming collection of dub poetry called “Africa Don’t” from Jazzmin & Madtone.

Women in War Zones
She surfaces.
A memory.

News needs
paper clipping
forming the
Here are the Women
in time parallels…

Past. Future.
Nothing in between
just the micro seconds
knotting the rubber bands
that dry rot and wear away
Thread-bare are the tapestries of life

A woman in a war zone
will crack the silence
because the leaking sickness
she watches trails from her own
open fruit body
And she will never forget
the sharp weapons to be found in
door-less places…

but now it is the night
in the air
time watching.
Silence expected

Dahlias on the wire

On the wire screenshot

A big thanks to Steve Barker, Fenny and Jim from the excellent On The Wire on BBC Radio Lancashire for including the track A Dahlia state of mind by Madtone on their 6th August show. It’s the final track at 1hr 57mins in.

As ever the show is a quality two hours including tunes by Twilight Circus with Big Youth, King Tubby, Dub Dynasty, The Frightnrs, Noura Mint Seym-Ali, Prince Buster and a whole lot more. It’s on every Saturday at Midnight available live here or on play again here. One well worth tuning into!

By the way there’s a great RA exchange interview (here) with Stevie B that’s well interesting and was a bit of pre-holiday listening here at Weeds HQ the other week.

Dahlia in dub

Madtone_ A Dahlia state of mine coverGardening has taken a bit of a back seat for the last week or so due to some DIY jobs at Weeds HQ and we’ve also been working on a 16 minute rework of Madtone‘s “Radio is my friend” for the dub poetess Jazz’min Tutum (Thanks to Dr Strangedub of the great Echo Chamber on KFAI for the initial link-up!) Results of the project will appear soon.

Things that are appearing at the moment though are the great flowers of the Dahlia, a tuber that we at Weeds love. In celebration of the glorious flower, here is an exclusive tune (downloadable for nowt) for Weeds from Madtone called “A Dahlia state of mind” a special dub of “Radio is my friend” (originally recorded for a session on The garden of earthly delights radio show.) One for all tuber fans everywhere!