Sunshine welcome back!

It’s a glorious Sunday and that yellow thing in the sky has returned here in London. Crank up the stereo and belt out some music while you “tip around with a hoe” out the back.

Here’s a lovely tune from Levi Myaz from Trinidad and Tobago called “Forward Home”. It’s a very infectious number which warrants a replay or four! Furthermore it features a dub with backwards vocals and we do love a backwards vocal here! Junior Wize‘s dub takes you somewhere else and takes the use of backwards vocals to higher heights. Tune!

And who can’t forget the groundbreaking and totally bonkers Evol Yenoh from 1968 produced by the great Lee Perry using the vocal of Burt Walters in reverse. Sreknob!

Sunshine keep up this behaviour and spring will be here in no time!

And finally…

Looking through the racks of WH Smiths in Holborn yesterday we found some popular gardening magazines are doing a free seed offer with their latest issues. You know they’re not going to be a full pack of seeds that you’d usually get in your local garden centre but it’s something. Grow your own is doing 10 free seed packs for £5.89, Kitchen Garden 5 packs at £4.99 and Veg Garden 10 packs of free seeds for £8. Have a browse in your local magazine emporium before it’s too late!


Reading and listening recommendations – Stardate 29/5/2018

Two things to get stuck into. Firstly a big thanks to Mark at the Thompson & Morgan blog for including one of our tips in the interesting “Seed and seedling tips…” post here that’s worth having a look at. There’s lots of other posts on the blog that’ll hopefully float your gardening boat too.

Also the above has been listened to twice today, “Greetings music lover” the story of one of our favourite shows “On The Wire” on BBC Radio Lancashire and Steve Barker who keeps it all together. It’s a lovely documentary about a very interesting radio show. Big up On The Wire!

It’s a spring thing!


And they’re off! It’s now officially spring, the forced rhubarb and a lonely crocus under the black plastic bucket out the back (above) are showing signs of life and the tomato seeds have started to germinate indoors (below). All we need now is some dry days and then we can start to prepare for the forthcoming months!


And to get you all in the mood for the forthcoming season here’s some tunes …


Big tune

Big shout to the Mungo’s Hi Fi camp again for this tune by The Hempolics – Love to sing as heard on The Rt Hon David Rodigan’s show last week and are the last few words at the end really “A bad man don’t use ketchup”? We do hope so!

The tune means a lot here as it’s based on possibly one of the first ever reggae tunes we can remember here at weeds, the great Clint Eastwood by Lee Perry. The original has a spoken intro that had us wondering at the time, from which planet does this record originate from?

And thanks again to the great website a wonderful resource for all things Lee Perry (here) for another tune on the Clint Eastwood rhythm.