Jumper clown

johnny-jump-upWe discovered our plant name of the week a couple of days ago while looking for some seeds on e-bay. It’s a Viola  (Viola tricolour) called Johnny Jump Up aka tickle-me-fancy, come-and-cuddle-me or love-in-idleness. And we were thinking of some bad boy ragga business! 

If you fancy looking for some seed bargains on ebay for next year or for the next seed swap, tap in something like “flower/vegetable seeds job lot” or “assorted flower and vegetable seed bargains” into the ebay search. Do check the “use by dates” on the ads though.

Temperature’s rising…

mirror manYesterday I was floored by a horrible bug that knocked me for six and rendered me useless, yet when I woke up this morning I felt right as rain (well, near enough.) I popped out and got a couple of plants from Shannons and spent a bit of time forking over the front and back gardens before it got too hot. Big up Summer!essential purchaseThe latest purchase from shannons (above) and (below) a couple of squash plants going mad!squash

Thieves like us

angry seagullA big shout to Simon, Ricky and Paul at The Dirt on Radio Fab International. Tune in every Sunday night from 6-8pm here for “a gardening programme like no other.”

Tomorrow night’s show will feature weeds’ very own “sounds from the south” spot which this week is called “True life bird business.” Listen in from 6pm to find out more!

Extra classic(s)

Thanks to Dr Strangedub for including the dub to the above (Mad Professor – Fast Forward into Dub) on this week’s Echo Chamber on KFAI which made me post the original here. A lovely tune!

Also found the above on youtube the other day, a great bit of live mixing by the King (Jammy) himself. Two to perk up those dark winter nights!