Saturday night’s radio today

Here’s an advance on  Free Radio Skybird‘s Saturday 5th October at 2200 UTC/ 2300 UK transmission on 6070 khz on shortwave if you want to hear it now and without the sounds of the ionosphere.

This month’s programme features One Deck Pete’s “Sunspot Minimum but the Music’s maximum” mix at 11.22 in, at 22.01 Justin Patrick Moore’s Radiophonic Laboratory which is an excellent special on Delia Derbyshire (cheers also to Justin to pointing us to this great Delia Derbyshire resource here), a rerun of a Numbers Stations special at 34.47 featuring Akin Fernandez and Simon Mason and at 42.35 One Deck Pete again with the Skybird Mailbag. 

“Solar minimum but the music’s maximum” mix has tunes from: Froth WhitlamDasyaAndre J Kwenda and a worldwide exclusive from Madtone with Diamond in the sky.

Big thanks to DJ Frederick for getting us involved in the Skybird project and a big shout to everyone else involved (Justin & Steve). Tune in and drop out (now or later)! #Shortwavesnotdead #Freeradioskybird

Sunday’s programming today

Here’s the studio recording of this month’s Free Radio Skybird which will be transmitted on shortwave via this Sunday 1st September at 1900 utc (8pm UK time). If you want to hear it via the ionosphere get those shortwave radios tuned in to 6070 khz or use the online software defined radio via channel 292 here.

The hour long broadcast features Justin Patrick Moore’s Radiophonic Laboratory at 6.57 and Steve with Mini-indie radio at 44.34. Our very own One Deck Pete presents the Skybird Mailbag at 22.00 and also The Soothing sounds of shortwave mix at 34.09. The mix features tracks by About: Forest, Sonmi451, Adam Maalouf and Advait. Big thanks to DJ Frederick for having us on board!