Still hoeing after all these years

All chores were done early tonight and then it was straight out the back for some 8pm hoeing as all those potato peelings are still coming up (see here). Also did a bit of watering with comfrey liquid and generally getting bitten by the midges from the pond. Thank heavens for late daylight.

Here’s a tune to be playing while doing the hoeing late into the evening or in fact anytime and it’s from the great Protoje called “Flight Plans.”

The track is off a free downloadable set called Royalty Free (available here) which utilises some great samples/influences throughout. “Flight plans” uses the great Yabby You produced “Baby don’t go” by Patrick Andy. The others, snatches of “You can ring my bell” and the great John Holt on “Used to be my life.” Download it for nowt and do yourself a favour!

Walk tall…

Jims walking onionsA big shout to our good mate Jim N for this pic (above) of his egyptian walking onion (aka tree, topsetting, walking or winter onion) that’s now starting to “travel,” great stuff!

As you know we love a plant that’s a bit “out there,” and we do love the weird and wonderful world of the egyptian onion (below) and especially this website hereEgyptian Walking Onion + UFO

As it says on there “The ancient Egyptians worshipped onions. They believed that its spherical shape and concentric rings symbolized eternal life. Small onions were found in the eye sockets of Ramesses IV… The name “Walking Onion” was given to this plant because it literally walks to new locations. When the cluster of topsets becomes heavy enough, it will pull the plant over to the ground. These plants can walk between 1 and 3 feet per year!” An absolutely bonkers plant and as you know, bonkers is good!