Tune in and turn on to the sound of the remix

Tune in this Sunday to the special Free Radio Skybird Remixed show to be aired on Sunday 15th September at 1200 UTC (1300 UK) on 6070 Khz or at http://www.channel292.de/

Thanks to DJ Frederick for rebroadcasting One Deck Pete’s “Sounds of the shortwave” (at 25 mins in on the studio version above) featuring Jazz’min Tutum, Rephazer, Aljosha Konstanty, Jay Jay Johanson and Jay Jay Johanson. #shortwavesnotdead #freeradioskybird #jazzmin&madtone

Free Radio Skybird flies again

DJ Frederick’s Free Radio Skybird returns to the 49 metre band next Sunday July 7th 2019 via http://www.channel292.de/ on 6070 kHz at 1400 UTC (1500 UK time). With a mixture of features and music (anything from jazz, avant-garde, ambient, folk, rock, indie and more) the hour transmission will also include One Deck Pete’s “Sounds of the shortwave” a ten minute shortwave radio inspired mix including tracks from Aljosha Konstanty (AK), Jay-Jay Johanson, Jazz’min Tutum and Rephazer. Tune in just after Gardener’s Question Time! #freeradioskybird

Robo mowers and radio hams

Back in January (here) we mentioned that we saw a robo mower happily doing its job in Lincoln’s Inn Fields. Whilst walking through said park today we saw it under a hedge in a right rejected state and it looked like it had been there a few days too (can robo mowers be made redundant?) We would’ve been tempted to put it in a bin bag and take it home but the promise of the pin-code alarm security put us right off! 

Also thanks to Jazz’min Tutum for putting this up on her Soundcloud this week, it’s a rough mix of a radio-inspired piece from Jazz’min & Madtone called This Frequency. It a track that goes out to all redundant robo mowers out there. Remember a robo mower is not just for christmas you know.

Bruce Lee, sea forts and a blimmin’ drone

We do love Time Team and Coast here at Weeds (alongside Aquarium RoadshowSinging midwives on ice and Don’t tell the Bus Driver of course!) and watched a combination of the two in Tony Robinson’s Hidden Britain by Drone. The one on the box tonight featured Red Sands Sea Forts at 21.15 minutes in. Excellent stuff if you love a Maunsell Sea Fort.

And thanks to our good friend Jazzmin Tutum here’s 9 minutes and 33 seconds of excellent downtempo chilled business. The track called Void City Arrival from Smooth Genestar appears in an interesting youtube about the great Bruce Lee that Jazzmin alerted us to. The clip is here and well worth watching!

Seed potatoes and citizens of the earth

Big thanks to Mick Matthews of The Cambridge Self-sufficiency Group for letting us know about their 9th Potato Day and Seed Swap on Saturday 10th February. A nice touch is that they charge for the seed spuds by the kilo so visitors can buy as few or as many as they like. We love that idea here! If you are around those parts give their Potato Day a visit.

Cambridgeshire Self Sufficiency Group
9th Annual Potato Day
Saturday 10th February 2018 11am-2pm
All Saints Church,
Market Square, 
Huntingdon PE29 3NR
Doors open to CSSG members at 10-30am and to the public at 11-00am

Also a big shout to Dr Strangedub for playing Earth Citizen by Jazzmin Tutum & Madtone on the other week’s Echo Chamber on KFAI. The show which also features The Green, Sly & Robbie, Talisman, Zion Train, Lee Perry and Coldcut X On-U Sound airs the unreleased as yet track from Weeds’ very own Madtone at 1.43.35 here. #jazzminmadtone #earthcitizen

Weeds in a culture clash

A massive thanks to the DJ and dread gardener Don Letts for playing Jazzmin Tutum & (Weeds up to me knees’ very own) Madtone’s I once saw the revolutionary in you as part of his “Best of 2016” special in January on BBC Radio 6. The show features Damian Marley, C Duncan and The Frightnrs and a whole lot more! The Jazzmin & Madtone tune is at 1.02.42. Big thanks Don!

Dubble bubble

Big shout to our musical collaborator Jazz’min Tutum (Dub Poetess, DJ and host of the Dub Kali Roots radio show and vocalist of the great Zion Train) for this latest instalment of the Jazz’min & Madtone musical adventure.Don Letts garden2Also a massive thanks to Steve Barker, Fenny and Jim from the excellent On The Wire on BBC Radio Lancashire for playing it on their 3rd December show here and to the dread gardener and DJ, Don Letts (above – a shot of his garden featured a few years ago in weeds here) for doing likewise on his 13th November Culture Clash show here. Excellent stuff, we here at Weeds salute you!