How much is that herb plant in the win-dah?

Tray IslandI really don’t do well with shop-bought Basil and Coriander plants and find the ones I sow myself do a lot better. It’s getting cold outside now so it’s windowsill sowing all the way!

After my £15 binge in Shannon’s, I sowed said herb seeds (from a cheap “herbs for the kitchen” combo pack off ebay for £2.50) in the newly bought plant pots. The seed labels are sticks that had kebabs on them in a former life and the covers to give them a good start are just cheap sarnie bags spread over and then knotted in the corner with wire ties. No expense spared and all that!

If you notice in the pic that I bought some pot saucers so the windowsill won’t get rotten and need several coats of paint like it did last year. Also in the background is our extensive Jamaican tray collection of two!

Oh and by the way my favourite kitchen cleaning product this week is “bar keepers friend.”