The ISS goes round and round, round and round etc

Space station 2015 It’s that time again! The International Space Station is back around these parts, and can be seen up to five times a day if you’re feeling hardcore! I’ll be out in the back garden joining the slugs and snails over the next few nights, stumbling into the flowerbeds while looking up at the night sky!

For viewing times, stick in your location here or download the ISS Detector app for your mobile. Also if you want to get a bit on the deep tip, check out Heavens Above for all sorts of stuff to tilt up your head up at the night sky to.

Also here’s something ISS related from our sounds from the south podcast from last year. One small step for mankind and all that!

Beats in space

veg in spaceThanks to all at The Dirt “a gardening programme like no other” on Fab Radio International for featuring our very own “Sounds from the south” this evening. The topic this week is “Space Station Business.” If all goes well, it’ll be up as a podcast here from tomorrow. Big up “Veg 01” the lettuce in space (above.)

Cornell Campbell – Stars 

Can you hear me Major Tom?

Major Lazer (ft. Amber of the Dirty Projectors) – Get Free 

A lovely old tune played to death by the Rt Hon David Rodigan. A bit of the chilled to the gills tunage rather than the usual “mad as” Major Lazer gear but bonkers in it’s own way! Dedicated to the International Space Station that was supposed to be visible in London tonight for the last time until a few weeks time. Did I see it? No.

A giant leap for a Lettuce

greens on spaceAs you know of late I’ve been very obsessed with watching the International Space Station in the night sky and tonight I was checking on the NASA website when the next sighting will be, and found out something well up our street!


If all goes well tomorrow the unmanned spacecraft DRAGON CR3 will be bringing supplies to the ISS and should be visible from Earth in the evening. What is brilliant is that the spacecraft will be carrying a project called Veg-01, (the first vegetable garden in space!) aka “Veggie,” an attempt to grow a Lettuce in space. The above chart is for sighting the Dragon in London but for other locations look here.

I will be watching the skies tommorow night with a tear in my eye while waving a handkerchief at this scientific first! Big up the first Lettuce in space!

Music to watch the ISS (go) by

Stephen Marley feat. Sizzla & Capleton – Rock Stone – Ghetto Youths

A big shout to David Rodigan again for playing this one from Stephen Marley featuring Sizzla and Capleton with a super sample from the Rt Hon Bob Marley!

Johnny Clarke – None Shall Escape The Judgement  King Tubby & The Aggrovators – Version  

And the influence, the flying cymbal classic from Johnny Clarke with some help from the great Bunny Lee. And talking of striker, below is Bunny Lee giving it some from 2.15.

Big up all on that big tin thing, the ISS that’s orbiting planet Earth, “Give me a signal” as David Rodigan would say!