The Sun’s out, stereo’s on

The Sun is showing it’s face in London town today and to celebrate here’s a great five and a half hour recording of the great Jah Shaka at The Dub Club, Kingston. Earlier on in the mix “Problems” by Horace Andy is spun, reminding us of a great Augustus Pablo version of the rhythm. More on the dub club, Kingston here.

Spring is finally here (but there’s still a massive risk of frost in the next few weeks so take it easy at that garden centre!)


A surrealist style summer

Here's gone summerAKA Is this the summer or are we in a perpetual state of hoping for one?

I’ve haven’t long got back from a family break in Camber Sands. The night before I left for the seaside I gave the garden a good old dousing with a hose, thinking it wouldn’t get another drop until I got back. All through that evening and during the night it tipped it down, great eh?

Yesterday I popped into my local supermarket to “get some bits” and said to the chap behind the till, “where’s the sun gone, mate?” as it wasn’t the best of days weatherise.

I thought I’d just get a smile or a jokey reply but he came back with a long bonkers theory that the british government are firing chemicals into the atmosphere during the evening (so no-one will see) to make sure our summers only last a few weeks or even days. The conversation went like that for a few minutes much to the disgust of the long queue forming behind me (he was the only one serving!)

I nodded and picked up my shopping bags. Judging by the weather forecast for the next few days, perhaps he’s right! Solitary squashOne thing in the garden that seems to like the rain, is the mad butternut squash that has filled the square bed at the side of the garden (only one squash on it though) and now trying to climb up the plum tree. Madness!

Monday night blues (dance)

Horace Andy & The Sunshot Band – Get Wise/Wiser Dub – Sunshot 7″

A super piece of mid-1970’s reggae by Horace “Sleepy” Andy (produced by the great Phil Pratt) heard on this week’s “Echo Beach” radio show from The Turntable Terrorist. A brilliant sparse dub too featuring some simple piano playing which puts us in mind of Gregory’s Love Is Overdue. This is to be rereleased as part of an LP very soon on Pressure Sounds. Lovely!

No expense spared (yeah right!)

It was miserable most of today until early evening where there was a hour or so of sunshine. It was nice enough to get out those council worker’s gloves and the, spudcombination

The combination of sun and rain is now kicking everything off, above is the eau de cologne mint in the nice cement pot found submerged in 12 years worth of old leaves in the bottom of our pond after moving in. The next is a tumbling tomato and assorted herbs in the plant container originally destined for the binmen and the seed potato in a spud sack (procured for free at that seedy sunday event in Sydenham) which is now cracking on. Be warned, don’t do what I did and play “musical sacks” with the bag, this one’s bottom has fallen out and has now got to stay where it is!

Teapot and frame

Also a few years ago I found some left over concrete squares from the garden wall (behind the mint, tomato and spud in a bag) and wasn’t sure how to get rid of them so I laid them on their side (they also form a back for the cold frame) and filled them with compost. I now stick any left over seeds in them (herbs, poppies whatever!) and remember to give it a water as it regularly dries out. Big up cheap style gardening!