Post-frost therapy

There was a frost here Wednesday morning (as we’re sure we saw a white veil over the local cars on the way to work) and hopefully that’ll be it now, even though it’s still a bit parkie outside today.We’re not taking any chances here for a few days at least, the tomato plants that were outside in the upside down terrarium are now in the back room (that might have to be hardened off a little before they go out) and there’s still fleece over the Easter Sunday sown spuds. And then there’s the brassicas, runner beans and peppers that want to go out, finger’s crossed it won’t be too long now…And if you have lost a plant or two in the recent frosts here’s a tune for you…

It’s a corker from the great Mongo’s Hi-Fi (which we’ve featured a few times here at Weeds) with Johnny “Move Out Of Babylon” Clarke called “Rain keeps falling” which comes back with a lovely dub as well. The 7″ single is a special record store day release and you can get it here and if you fancy the download go here. Tune!


Thursday pre-frost tunage

frosty reception

Here’s a well mellow number played on the Tom Ravenscroft radio show last week. It’s a tune by C Duncan called For and it’s released as a free downloadable on the FatCat label. Just mellow, man.

Southern Freeez

There’s been another frost warning tonight so the big cover up continues here in SE23. Listening to the last episode of Gardening with Tim & Joe on BBC Radio Leeds this afternoon, Joe mentioned using something as simple as old newspapers as frost protection which, being cheap and cheerful, is well up our street!

bubble and squeekMe, I’m using a combination of some old bubble-wrap (from an e-bay purchase) over my tomato plants, some fleece over my early potatoes and jam jars and a top off a seed propagator over some sunflower seedlings, all various ways of doing the same job. Jack Frost please be kind to us tonight!

Fleece and jar and lid