Post-frost therapy

There was a frost here Wednesday morning (as we’re sure we saw a white veil over the local cars on the way to work) and hopefully that’ll be it now, even though it’s still a bit parkie outside today.We’re not taking any chances here for a few days at least, the tomato plants that were outside in the upside down terrarium are now in the back room (that might have to be hardened off a little before they go out) and there’s still fleece over the Easter Sunday sown spuds. And then there’s the brassicas, runner beans and peppers that want to go out, finger’s crossed it won’t be too long now…And if you have lost a plant or two in the recent frosts here’s a tune for you…

It’s a corker from the great Mongo’s Hi-Fi (which we’ve featured a few times here at Weeds) with Johnny “Move Out Of Babylon” Clarke called “Rain keeps falling” which comes back with a lovely dub as well. The 7″ single is a special record store day release and you can get it here and if you fancy the download go here. Tune!


Let there be fleece on earth

Last weekend I treated myself to a big old roll of horticultural fleece from Shannon’s for a fiver. All I need now is to find some plants to use it on!

It offers great protection from frosts (even though net curtains and large sheets of newspaper are alright too) as it works like a cloche around the plant creating a microclimate and at the same time allows air, moisture and light in.

I started the “big wrap up” on Sunday when I spent half an hour in the garden “tipping around with a hoe”, as they used to say at Westminster Council. I’m sure over the next few weeks they’ll be more plants covered in said fabric, I mean I’ll have to use it as I have tons of the stuff left!

I like the effect as it makes the garden look a bit mysterious (and possibly make the neighbours doubt your sanity) but you’ll be the one laughing when your tender perennials that you’re too lazy to bring indoors survive the winter.

Geraniums under fleeceI shouldn’t worry as I know come late spring I’ll have a handful of leggy Tomato plants to go out before the risk of frost is passed. The fleece will then be pulled out from under the stairs to do it’s job.Safe and warm_Lemon VerbenaAnother thing put to good use is the terrarium/upside down fish-tank I found in the street a few years ago. It’s now covering up the Lemon Verbena I bought after Haji Mike from Cyprus sung it’s praises on his Facebook page. It’s a great smelling plant and makes a good old herbal cupa too. Big up the fleece!

Nine below Zero

greenhouse tipIt’s started to get a bit nippy out there now, so it will soon be out with the fleece, cloches and the like.

I’ve already stuck some pots that I reckon won’t make it outside in the plastic greenhouse for the time being and will be sticking some bubble wrap around them this weekend too for extra protection.

If it looks like it’s going to be a hard winter I might even stick the whole thing in the garage!