What a difference a few days make

We know it’s only been a few days since the last pics of the Thompson & Morgan seed trials have been posted, but look what’s happened in that short time. The tomatoes have moved on a bit and all of the plants are doing well. We keep them regularly watered and feed comfrey liquid to them on a weekly basis and those fruits are now starting to swell!

And yes we’ve had problems with cheeky daytime slugs and the spaghetti squash (see post here) but for some reason they’ve missed this one!

And as for the sunflower, there’s more buds forming! It’s a value for money plant if you’re going to be buying some when they are released next year. Our specimens may be a bit on the small side but we’re not complaining! More power to the (vertically challenged) sunflower!

And thanks to whosampled:

That was the week that was

It’s been one hell of a hot week! The first off is a lovely dub by Da Grynch of Curtis Lynch feat Maxi Priest‘s Do you remember that the Rt Hon David Rodigan played a version of on last Sunday’s show. A tune!

The second is a free talk next week about the humble Potato! by Simon Smart a potato researcher at the National Institute of Agriculture. That kicks off on Thursday 12th July at 6pm at Shoe Lane Library. More info below or contact the library here.

What a whopper (and other well-worn cliches)! The pic below is for some sort of old-time stereo-viewer that we bought at Covent Garden’s tourist antique market for the crazy price of two quid on Monday just gone. That is one big plant, look at the people at the bottom!