Imbibe those summer vibes

Time is strange. We as gardeners have been waiting patiently throughout the spring, holding back sowing those seeds just in case it’s “too early”, checking if they’ll be late frosts and hardening off seedlings and before you know it, it’s the summer. 

Big shout to our good friends Dr Strangedub and DJ Baby Swiss for getting us off to a good start with some sunny tunes on this week’s Echo Chamber on KFAI here featuring Gingermon, Omar Perry, Sandra Cross & Vibronics and lots lots more!

This week there was also a rebroadcast of (part of) “In The Garden Of Dub”, a mix from a few years ago by Dr Strangedub featuring Singers & Players (ft. Prince Far I), Madtone, Leroy Sibbles, Jah Wobble, Lee Perry and lots more which goes out to all dub gardeners everywhere!

Big shout to another friend “across the pond” Justin Moore (who has a great piece on the strange world of Fred Judd here) for letting us know of some gardening zen dub in the form of Memotone with Sidewise dub, heavy and on the out there tip!

And to finish off another horticultural related track by Errol Grandson with Jah Garden. May the weather be with you as old Eric Robson used to say.

Life in the echo chamber

Big shout to Dr Strangedub and DJ Baby Swiss for the first exclusive worldwide playing of Jazz’min & Madtone’s “Open up your heart” on this week’s Echo Chamber on KFAI at 85.20 minutes in (also Madtone’s Interval Signal Jazz is used as a bed at 84.03). Link to the play again of the show here.

As usual it’s a first class show and includes music from The Hempolics, Alborosie meets the Wailers United, Trevor the Technician and this excellent tune from Anchorsong called Testimony (above). Tune! Big up the Echo Chamber!

Music to accompany the sunshine

Big shout to Dr Strangedub & DJ Baby Swiss out of KFAI’s The Echo Chamber and Bruno out of Dan Dada Records for the latest instalment of Around The World in Dub (volumes 9 and 10) available free from the Dan Dada Bandcamp page here. Thanks a million to the crew for including Jazzmin & Madtones‘s Earth Citizen.

The free (we repeat FREE) compilation contains 35 cracking tunes of a dub wise or dub influenced nature from all around this planet of ours featuring Dubmatix with Earl Zero, Trevor “The Technician” McKenzie and The Last Boss & Dubby Doo and a lot lot more, all on a top quality tip! There is no excuse; download, chill out then dub out!  #jazzminmadtone #earthcitizen

Dub it Doctor Strangedub!


Big shout to Dr Strangedub for featuring Jazz’min and Madtone Versus The Gaytones version of NZAM Fang Creation Myth on this week’s Echo Chamber on KFAI downloadable here at 19.27 mins in. There’s also a cracking Ras Takura horticultural related dubplate just after it. Big thanks to our musical collaborator Jazzmin for the voice and the vibes and for playing it on Dub Kali Rootz on Radio Dreyeckland this week!

How do you make a Zen garden?

A big shout to Dr Strangedub and DJ Baby Swiss from the excellent radio show Echo Chamber on KFAI who every Wednesday from the crack of dawn play the best in reggae, dub and downbeat.

On this week’s show they played Dr Strangedub’s “In the garden of dub” mix (above) from a couple of years ago celebrating the “pleasures of gardening, the roots of life and the seasons of nature.” We here think it’s great stuff and includes Singers & Players (ft. Prince Far I), Madtone, Leroy Sibbles, Jah Wobble, Lee Perry and lots more, dedicated to the late great Peter Sellers (aka Chauncey Gardner). More proof that music and gardening do mix!

The rebroadcasting of the mix comes at an apt time where last week Graham Porter on Gardening with Tim Crowther on BBC Radio Leeds said that we’ve now reached the point where tender plants can be now put out. But that’s after the plants have had a period of being hardened off, a good watering and some slug protection has been put down first. But do keep that fleece handy just in case and watch those weather forecasts as you never know if/when those damn frosts will reappear.

Around the world for free

A big shout to Doctor Strangedub and DJ Baby Swiss from KFAI’s Echo Chamber and everybody at Dan Dada records for including the track African Bass, a collaboration from our goodselves here at weeds Madtone, Audiovert our good mate Paul G from Melbourne (whose garden was featured last year here) on the excellent compilation Echo Chamber –  Around The World In Dub Vol 7 & 8 out now.

Around the world

It’s a free download which includes 26 tracks from around the dub globe including Ancient Astronauts, Tony Freebird ft Lee Scratch Perry, Trevor The Technician McKenzie, Secret Archives of the Vatican, DU3normal, Spectral Dub, Dusza, Bandulu Dub, Dubby Doo and The Mutant Frogs and a whole lot more dub. One for a Saturday night download!

A big ta to our good mate Will J for telling us about The Echo Chamber in the first place many moons ago!

7 degrees celsius selection

Here’s two tunes for this cold January night. The first is a deep one from Intrusion called A Gentle Embrace as heard on BBC Radio Lancashire’s On The Wire last week as part of an excellent mix put together by Jim Ingham. The full mix is available here. Big up Steve, Fenny and Jim!

And the second comes thanks to our good friend Dr Strangedub who played this one from Gold-E-Locks featuring Jah Hero called International on this week’s Echo Chamber on KFAI. You can download the track for free too!

The temperature a fall

Blue King Brown featuring The Congo’s – Babylon a Fall

Thanks to our good mate from across the pond Doctor Strangedub (and DJ Baby Swiss) for playing this one on this week’s The Echo Chamber on KFAI (a show well worth listening to live or on play again, and on a great radio station which has all sorts of music shows represented on it.)

This is a lovely roots tune featuring the talents of Melbourne’s Blue King Brown with The mighty Congo‘s, it’s one with a wide range of vocals and is a grower. Give it time, give it time…

Blimmin’ eck, the sun’s out!

A lovely tune from the island of Hawaii (a place where they absolutely love reggae!) called “Smile” from Hirie (featuring E.N Young) with a nice and chilled dub version. This one’s a bit of a grower.

Thanks to our good friends “across the pond” Dr Strangedub and DJ Baby Swiss who have been playing this over the last few weeks on the excellent Echo Chamber on KFAI.

This is a tune to whack on while thinking of ditching plans for the rest of the day and go out and tinker in the back garden. Then you realise how cold it really is out there and have to give it a miss!

When the echo chamber dishes the dirt

beingthere copy

Big shout to our good friends Dr Strangedub and DJ Baby Swiss for the rebroadcast of “In The Garden Of Dub” part 1 of a mix for all dub gardeners, on this week’s Echo Chamber on KFAI. Before the mix is a rerub of my appearance on The Dirt the other week. Cheers for airing that!

Also on the show there’s some great new music from Phil Harmony, Nate Wize, Alpha Steppa, and more… Download it here.

Download the updated “In The Garden Of Dub Part 1 & Part 2” (dedicated to the late Peter Sellers aka Chauncey Gardner) here: