We thought we lost you

We were feeling sad at Weeds HQ earlier this week as we thought the forty odd quid solar fountain for the pond we bought a couple of years ago had died on us. There was no light on the control panel and it looked like that was it a goner.

Today we gave it one more chance and laid the solar panel directly in the sun for a few hours and the thing shot back into life later in the afternoon. The battery was as flat as a pancake. Salute to solar power! By the way the goldfish bought from Lewisham’s “premier” pet shop are still there but went a bit camera shy when this photo was taken (don’t worry that pesky Heron hasn’t had them!)

Baby, it’s cold outside

Dennis Brown – Baby Don’t Do It – Matador (1971)

I heard this classic Dennis Brown tune today on soundcloud, off a recording of a dance with Saxon soundsytem and David Rodigan from the mid 1980’s and what a tune! That led me to recall a lovely recut of it by Wayne Wade from around 1978.

Wayne Wade – Now I Know – Vivian Jackson (1978)

If you love the rhythm as much as I do, listen to the below mix and a half from the excellent Algoriddim which features cut after cut after cut, starting with the great Alton Ellis and featuring a personal favourite of mine, Z90 Skank by Trinity.

Some tunes to chill out to and dream of some good weather soon, so you can go out and tip around in the garden.

Sounds from the South 8 – Groovin’ with Mr Bloe

Sounds from The South – Episode 8

This week’s Sounds from the South on The Dirt is about a bloke I worked with on the council called Big Dennis and his way of cleaning leaves out of a park. Tune of the week is from Dennis Brown called How could I leave from 1978 on Joe Gibbs.

Have a listen on play again here for all sorts of gardening related malarkey including Andy McIndoe on leaf composting, Angela De Fouw’s olive oil and The Idiot Gardener on The Soil Association (and 10 minutes in for Sounds from the South). Cheers again to Si, Ricky and Paul!

I was hoping to listen to the show live this week but something bonkers happened that stopped me from doing so! You’ll have to wait until Episode 9 for that, so tune in to The Dirt on Fab Radio International next Sunday from 6-8pm live.

Settee of the week (not available at DFS)

Slate Settee of the weekWe at weeds have just got back from a week away in Pembrokeshire, Wales and how’s this for a slate settee seen at Aberbach Beach, near Dinas Cross. Comfy or what?aberbachbeachThe model doesn’t come with an adjustable headrest nor a footstool, there’s not 15 other colour variations and it’s not the most comfortable of sofas to have a kip on, but who cares, it has a sea view! Big up the seaside stone settee!

Dennis Brown, Sly & Robbie – Sitting And Watching – Taxi 12″

The Chi-lites – Stoned out of my mind – Brunswick

Keep it locked!

A lovely new redo of the classic “Sitting and Watching” rhythm from the great Sly and Robbie featuring the unmistakeable vocal skills of Beres Hammond and Shaggy. Tune!

Talk about a bonkers 24 hours. I rushed home from work last night to cut the grass in the front garden as that bright yellow round thing called the Sun was out. Could I find the key to the padlock to the garage where the flymo is housed (which is usually kept on top of the fridge) after much flapping? No. So no grass was cut last night.

The house was turned upside down today but still no key. This afternoon a pair of bolt cutters were tried to be procured after advice from a local locksmith and the fridge was scheduled to be moved tomorrow morning to see if they had fell behind it.

What is bonkers, in the last few minutes I’ve just put my hand in my back pocket of my jeans (that I’d been wearing all day) and guess what? The key to the garage is found!

Thursday night’s chilling

Dennis Brown – Say what you say (Joe Gibbs)
It’s funny, I love Dennis Brown but I’ve never heard this track before and the first time I did was only last week when I downloaded a recording of King Sturgav Hi-Fi (sound system of the great U Roy) from the late 70’s from the excellent website “who cork the dance”  http://www.whocorkthedance.com/sturgav.html

The recording isn’t exactly hi-fi quality but it’s a great piece of reggae history on tape/MP3. Big up the late great D Brown! While I was writing this singing to the song on headphones, my 14 year old daughter came in very concerned and asked was I okay as I sounded “slightly high.” What, on a Thursday night on a glass of cheap Marks’ Sauvignon? I wish, It must be my bad singing!