That was my mistake, that was my mistake

Everything has gone green

Big gardening mistakes of all-time – number 5 in an ongoing series.

Never fill a compost trench with the contents of a compost bin that has lots of potato peelings in it. The above picture taken earlier this evening is proof why. If you look closely there is a courgette and a pumpkin plant in there somewhere. You live and learn…

compost trenchMore on why the compost trench (above) was originally dug in April here (you will laugh!)

Why watching Countryfile is the new rock n roll

It’s been a very emotional day today as a compost trench was dug earlier this morning. The reason was that over the last fortnight there’s been three sightings (while kitchen peelings were being deposited to our dalek type compost bin) of a very large rodent helping him/her self to the heap.It turns out it was getting in through the crudely cut flap at the front.

compost trenchToday the bin was cleared out of it’s rotting vegetation and dug deep into a trench at the bottom of the garden which will benefit some squash/pumpkin plants in the forthcoming months. The plastic dalek bin will be sawn up next week and thrown into the recycling bin.


Big shout to our good mates Marc and Maz for standing by as emotional support and for holding the camera just in case said rodent showed his/her face and the footage of a grown man running up the garden in fear might get us all £250 on “You’ve been framed.” Needless to say no rodent was found and all nerves were left intact.Monster VegAlso today we just found some daft gardening-related pieces in the Steroid Abuse Spring Fayre fanzine from 2003 (seems like yesterday). Big shout to all involved and Lord Anthony B for the collaboration on the fanzine – We salute you all!

No salutations to the Forest Hill Super Rat though.

Allotments are

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On a flowerdew tip

As it was a cracking day today I spent the afternoon in the garden getting a few jobs out of the way. Earlier in the week I drew a rough plan of what is going where in the garden, and today dug a trench where the climbing french beans will be planted and added a few buckets of nearly ready compost (from bin number two) combined with some kitchen peelings and filled the top layer with soil (to keep any pests and rodents away) thus making a compost trench. By the time the beans go in, the stuff will have rotted down and enriched the soil which will help the plants as they grow. I’ve even put the canes in place which seems a bit previous, especially as it’s only February but I’ve a terrible memory sometimes…

I am always on the lookout on my travels for bits and pieces that are to be thrown out that’ll work well in the garden. A few weeks ago I saw on the way home from work on a wall a chunky window frame with a note on it with “please take me” which today was converted (with the addition of a couple of broken paving slabs) into a cold frame which will house a courgette seedling later in the spring. As with the beans I dug a compost trench below that the courgette will thrive on. The frame still needs some additional work on it to stop heat escaping but it’s a start. Keep em peeled you never know what you’ll find!