It’s been a long time coming

Thank God that January’s now over! We here are now officially counting down to spring.

Here’s a tune to get us all back on track, heard on last week’s Tom Ravenscroft show by the great Johnny Clarke/The Aggrovators called It’s a disgrace/It’s a disgrace dub. One to dream about starting those seeds off outside to. Tune!


Music to watch the ISS (go) by

Stephen Marley feat. Sizzla & Capleton – Rock Stone – Ghetto Youths

A big shout to David Rodigan again for playing this one from Stephen Marley featuring Sizzla and Capleton with a super sample from the Rt Hon Bob Marley!

Johnny Clarke – None Shall Escape The Judgement  King Tubby & The Aggrovators – Version  

And the influence, the flying cymbal classic from Johnny Clarke with some help from the great Bunny Lee. And talking of striker, below is Bunny Lee giving it some from 2.15.

Big up all on that big tin thing, the ISS that’s orbiting planet Earth, “Give me a signal” as David Rodigan would say!

Ruddock is the ruler!

From Natty Dread magazine 2003

From Natty Dread magazine 2003

Respect to BBC 1Xtra for their excellent “1 Xtra stories” which this week features one Osbourne Ruddock aka one of the creators of dub, King Tubby. A brilliant programme, well researched and presented by the great David Rodigan. Available on i-player for a few more days and for any self-respecting reggae fan definitely one to listen to! Big up Tubbs!

Tune of the day

Sheila RickardsJamaican Fruit Of African Roots – Shella
What a flipping tune! This was the first record I heard at work this morning on Gilles’ show via I-player. I’ve heard the heavy dub of this before but never the vocal, turns out it’s a Bunny Lee tune scorcher and there’s a touch of the Shirley Basseys about the intro too. What a tune and re-released on 10” vinyl in the new year, super! Only a minute on youtube, but it gives you a taste!
Full vocal and dub on this podcast
And “The mystery of Sheila Rickards” from the gleaner