Roses grow on you

Two tunes from the great Michael (Mykal/Mikal) Rose. The first, Peace and Love in the Ghetto was heard on the other week’s episode of Dub Front on BRUZZ, an excellent weekly show of reggae and all things dub-wise that’s well worth tuning into. The second Born Free was something we’ve remembered from a few years back also from the Jammy camp. Taking of roses, when do you reckon spring will spring? We’ve had snow today in London even though things were looking and feeling quite nice yesterday afternoon. What is wrong with that weather?


In a Dub Front style

Big shout to Youri from the excellent Dub Front radio show for playing Jazzmin & Madtone’s Earth Citizen last week (6.26 minutes in the show below). The show also featured an hour of top tunes from artists including Audioart, Jah9 ft Chronnix (above) and Dubblestandart.

As Youri told us “The show’s been running since March 2005 every Wednesday at 11pm on BRUZZ out of Brussels. 52 shows a year digging into all things dub and roots. From chill to steppers, from roots to dub club, from world dub to outer space”. It’s a show well up our street so have a listen to the collection of Dub Font shows on Mixcloud here.