Beat dis


A big shout (again) to Tim Sweeney for bringing us this great mix via his radio show Beats in Space from the Italian DJ Bottin from Venice. A mix and a half full of surprises on a diverse disco tip featuring some great edits from 70’s Germanic rockers Can and Faust and even includes some clucking hens (well, humans impersonating them!) If this don’t make you feel uplifted, nowt will.

One for blasting out loud into the back garden an hour to midnight on a friday while standing outside with a glass of bevy in your hand staring up aimlessly into the night sky looking for the International Space Station (even though it’s cloudy.) Mad stuff!

Redbone – Cycles (Bottin edit)
Can – Don’t Turn The Light On (Zopelar edit)
Faust – It’s A Rainy Day Sunshine Girl (DiMovi edit)
Franco Battiato – Up Patriots To Arms (DMV edit)
FK Club – Unsane
La Nuova Fattoria – Disco Pollo (Bottin edit)
Bottin – Poison Within (feat. Steve Strange/Visage)
Bottin & Rodion – Progresso
Leyo & Special Mike – Don’t Stop The Tape
Elitechnique – Love Triangle (Bottin remix)
Artifact 5 – 15 Minutes (Love Supreme edit)
Carmen Villain – Obedience (Bjørn Torske mix)
Bottin – Parody
Bottin – Lies reprise (feat. Lavinia Claws)

Download it here!