How did that get there?

BorageEarlier this year I bought a couple of packets of Borage off ebay and just flicked a light amount of seed here and there in a random fashion and forgotten where I sown it until now.

They’ve been appearing all over the garden from cracks in the pavement to the middle of OCD military-style sown veg beds. Thank god for anarchic type sowing!

I’ve just found this on wikipedia as well “Borage is said to protect or nurse legumes, spinach, brassicas, and even strawberries. It is also said to be a good companion plant to tomatoes because it confuses the mother moths of tomato hornworms or manduca looking for a place to lay their eggs. Claims that it improves tomato growth and makes them taste better remain unsubstantiated.”

The bees love it and I always stick a few Borage leaves in to add to the mix when concocting the evil smelling Comfrey plant feed. Big up the Borage!


On a gardening home-brew tip!

Today I popped out and did a few hours in the garden in glorious sunshine can you believe! One of the jobs I did was to make some plant food with some Comfrey leaves (Bocking 14 Comfrey is the best as it doesn’t set seed) which I steeped in water in an old fermenting bucket from my days of wine-making (which weren’t that successful.)

Bin_2Comfrey is a great plant to have in the garden, it spreads like wildfire, the bees go bonkers over it and if you rip off loads of leaves and stuck them in a bucket of water for a few weeks it makes a great plant feed. Stick in some nettle and borage leaves into the mix too and it’s even better.Bin_4

Bin_5For God’s sake don’t breathe in the stuff as it’s lethal! I repeat do not smell the liquid. Keep the lid on for a few weeks and when it’s done (It’ll turn into a sludgy black liquid) water it down and apply it to your plants. More on how to make it here.

Who’s gonna drive you home tonight?

The 2 Bears – Angel (Touch Me) – Southern Fried Records

Bonkers video from The 2 Bears (Joe Goddard/Raf Rundell) for their new single heard on the Rob Da Bank show last week. Don’t do this at home kids as this is not behaviour that’ll get you a pass first time. Great tune though!

Borage in the back

Also this week I heard someone on the radio refer to the plant borage as “bor-raj” like how you’d say garage in Larry Levan’s Paradise Garage. That isn’t right is it? Or was the presenter giving it a Hyacinth Bouquet?  Everybody know it’s “bor-ridge” as in porridge. Answers on a postcard please to the weeds up to me knees elocution department.

Big up the Bee (yet again!)

Thanks to Teffany for letting us know about an edition of Radio 4’s Costing the Earth called “Bees Fight Back” about Bees and Neonicotinoid pesticides, which is worth a listen.

While looking for it I stumbled across one called “The Bee Inspector” (still up on the web here) which gives a great introduction to the world of Bees and Beekeeping over four short programmes. It’s well interesting stuff even though it’s ten years old. Give it a whirl!

Is there anyone out there who can give us a definite list of Bee-friendly plants? I’ve noticed we’ve got a good bit of self-seeded Borage coming up this year but more suggestions would be appreciated! Post on comments below or at

Big up the ‘umble Bee!