Tunes for the chilled in us

Three picks on an easy tip. The first heard on this month’s episode of the Rhythm Doctor’s Estonian Raadio 2 show (available here and well worth listening to every month!) taken from their 1977 LP Seven Deadly SinsRinder & Lewis with Lust and an excellent tune it is too.

The second a very nice downbeat tune called Snowdrifts from the excellently named Bonnie & Klein from Greece. Drift away and dream about being back out in the garden in the spring. Lovely stuff!

And finally a very chilled dancehall tune from Red Fox & Screechy Dan called Real Yard Man on the Rum & Boom riddim (instrumental available here) as heard on David Rodigan’s show the other week. Nice!

Three tunes to play while considering a possible day it isn’t raining this week to pull up those Dahlia tubers to dry out and keep under the stairs over the winter months. #tunesforthechilledinus