Three for a post-Doris weekend

A trio of great tunes for the weekend, the first courtesy of Funkology via On The Wire on BBC Radio Lancashire, the second courtesy of the excellent mix from Zombies in Miami on the other week’s Beats In Space here. Last not least, featuring the great wordsmith Lee Perry on a brilliant tune from Sherwood & Pinch.



All flowered up on a Friday (the lull before the storm)

I got the camera out well early in the garden this morning when it was flowers-a-go-go before the all day mental heat and pressure built up, leading to this evening’s mad storms (and probably arguments down the pub too!)

Dutch Flag Poppy in the place:Dutch flag in the frontPumpkin madness:pumpkin do

Zucchini, my friend:on a zuchinni tip

Who’s that Lilly?:oh lilly pondBefore it tipped it down, Beats In Space: Show 738 was on loud pon the stereo. Have a listen here. Pt 1 has the mad Brazilian jazz stylings of Moreno Veloso (with a couple of live tracks) and Pt 2 has a cracking mix from Mark Barrott/International Feel in an downtempo Balearic stylee.

Both great stuff for a summer’s evening before it tips it down and one to transport yourself from the back garden to a balearic holiday destination (without the crap stag nights and expense!)

A big shout to Tim Sweeney from all at Weeds Up to Me Knees and to “happy” gardeners everywhere!

Beat dis


A big shout (again) to Tim Sweeney for bringing us this great mix via his radio show Beats in Space from the Italian DJ Bottin from Venice. A mix and a half full of surprises on a diverse disco tip featuring some great edits from 70’s Germanic rockers Can and Faust and even includes some clucking hens (well, humans impersonating them!) If this don’t make you feel uplifted, nowt will.

One for blasting out loud into the back garden an hour to midnight on a friday while standing outside with a glass of bevy in your hand staring up aimlessly into the night sky looking for the International Space Station (even though it’s cloudy.) Mad stuff!

Redbone – Cycles (Bottin edit)
Can – Don’t Turn The Light On (Zopelar edit)
Faust – It’s A Rainy Day Sunshine Girl (DiMovi edit)
Franco Battiato – Up Patriots To Arms (DMV edit)
FK Club – Unsane
La Nuova Fattoria – Disco Pollo (Bottin edit)
Bottin – Poison Within (feat. Steve Strange/Visage)
Bottin & Rodion – Progresso
Leyo & Special Mike – Don’t Stop The Tape
Elitechnique – Love Triangle (Bottin remix)
Artifact 5 – 15 Minutes (Love Supreme edit)
Carmen Villain – Obedience (Bjørn Torske mix)
Bottin – Parody
Bottin – Lies reprise (feat. Lavinia Claws)

Download it here!

Potting shed mix of the week


Here’s a mix we’ve been listening to all week from Solar aired on Tim Sweeney’s excellent Beats in Space show out of New York’s WNYU from a couple of weeks ago. A lovely mix of darkish electronica featuring Siouxsie, Front 242, Genesis P Orridge and Cerrone. One to play while weeding in the garden and enjoying some sunshine as it’s supposed to be 20 degrees in the UK this weekend. Download the mix here.

Umberto – Running Blade
Siouxsie and The Banshees – Red Light
Cerrone – Générique (Début)
Uncle O – Madame X
Urban Tribe – Insolitology
Genesis P-Orridge – A Debris Ov Murder
Torn Hawk – Gags And Broken Fingers
Metrobox Is Prins Albert – Dies Ist Belgien
Front 242 – Dialogues
Elektroids – Time Tunnel
In The Disko (spAceLex Club Mix)
Decay – Tape DubbEdit (by Traxx) – Mambo Edits
Feedback – Walk The Line (Rude 66 Mix)
Mutant Beat Dance – Lowlife
G String – Phase (D’Marc Cantu Ghoul Remix)
Oltre La Morte – Aria Azure
Xosar – Elixir Of Dreams

Staying in is the new staying in

Kid Koala on Beats In Space – Damon Albarn, Kid Koala And Dan The Automator – Untitled

One of my favourite Beats In Space shows is from 2011 and features the great Kid Koala and Terence Bernardo. It’s on a downtempo tip and a bit on the melancholic side but a great show all the same and on repeat play some days here.

Last week I was searching the Damon Albarn/Kid Koala/Dan the Automator track to stick on “weeds” and discovered by accident Kid Koala live in action on the show. A lovely piece of footage complete with the sound of hands at work on the mixer! Excellent!