And news just in from Berlin…

Big shout to our good friend Phil Harmony out of Berlin who’s made a start on his great balcony plot which we’ve featured a few times here on Weeds (one of a few posts here).

He’s got some chilli’s on the go from a nice little kit (above), a basil plant from last year, tomatoes, salad and trying some radish and sunflowers. Phil mentioned growing scarlett runner beans (aka feuerbohne or fire beans) on his balcony plot too. Good stuff!

And for this post Phil nominates this mix from Peter Kruder from a couple of years back.

Brilliant stuff Phil. Keep those progress reports and tunes coming!

Harvesting in harmony

greenhouse classics_Phil Harmony

Thanks to our good friend Phil Harmony of the Dubnight Radio Show out of Berlin for sending us this Greenhouse Classic. It’s a tune in a suitable vegetable growing vein from Israel Voice called Farm up the land. It’s a tune and a half and one for blaring out whilst out in the garden!

As  well as DJing and producing some rather fine tune-age, Phil grows his own produce organically on his 2.5m x1.50m (approx) balcony outside his flat in Berlin (see last year’s post here). For a small space it’s great how much he grows which includes peppers, raspberries, strawberries beans, basil and tomatoes.Phil Harmony Balcony_1

Phil Harmony Runner beans

Phil harmony a fistful of toms

Phil Harmony_balcony2

phil harmony strawberries

And a ginger plant started from a sprouting root from his kitchen, look at it now!

Phil Harmony _ GingerPhil Harmony PeppersThanks again Phil for the great greenhouse classic and the brill balcony gardening pics!