After the sun has gone

Last weekend was a corker when it came to sunshine as on Sunday the temperature in London reached 20 odd degrees. The lawn was cut and a good load of jobs were completed and we even gave the seedlings (tomatoes, brussels sprouts, peppers and walking onion) that are on their way indoors a bit of a break in the sun.

Very much influenced by (episode 4 of) Jane Perrone’s On The Ledge podcast combined with the fact that in our seed tray were a few dealer bags with a tiny amount of seeds in them (cress, peas, beetroot, lettuce, coriander, basil and more) that needed to be sown, we filled a large pot full of multi-purpose compost and threw them all in. Come a couple of weeks time we’ve have some micro-greens to accompany our dinner!Traditionally this week (Good Friday) is the time for putting seed potatoes in (so the late great Joe Maiden used to say on his radio show with Tim Crowther). We aren’t too sure if we’ll be doing ours as it’s still cold out and as someone once told us at a potato fair, as soon as it’s warm enough to put your hand in the ground for ten seconds without it feeling cold that’s when you should put your spuds in. Sounds like good advice!

And while you’re waiting for your ground to heat up here’s a nice bit of mix-up business from one Mr Andrew Weatherall on Rinse FM the other week (8.04.2017).


Tune in, turn on. It’s two for tuesday

han and egg radioA couple of great tunes heard on radio shows this week. The first is a lovely loop laden piece of ambient electronica by Gnesis called Pear off the DJ Kicks LP by Actress played on Tom Ravenscroft’s show. Haunting ain’t the word. One to look at the seed catalogues to and decide whether it’ll be artichokes or asparagus peas.

The other is Seconds, Minutes, Hours by David John Sheppard as played by Andrew Weatherall on his Music’s Not For Everyone show on NTS Radio here. Tune! Thanks to our good mates Maz and Marc for re-reminding us about that show.

One for the Big Youth tooth massive

can the world beLooks like I’ll be having another tooth pulled next week.This morning at just gone 8 am I ventured up to Guy’s Hospital Dental Department with a dull pain in one of my back teeth.

Three hours later after one long wait, a couple of examinations and an X-ray, I’ve now got an appointment on Wednesday to have an extraction. To keep my mind off the intermittent pain for the rest of the day this mix from Andrew Weatherall has been on repeat. Nice vibe, and very soothing for my teeth.

One to watch the garden shed fly away to by…

Decadance Vs Italoconnection – On and On (Fears keep on) – Leo Mas & Fabrice Danceology Dub Mix – Disco Modernism 003

What a lovely old tune! First heard tonight while sorting a mix from soundcloud to stick on the stereo. This track is featured on a great mix from A love from outer space (Andrew Weatherall & Sean Johnson) at the Electric Elephant in 2013. An excellent tune from an very excellent mix tape. Funnily enough I’ve just picked up for a quid in the local charity shop another classic from Mr Weatherall, the Skunk Weed Skank mix of James’ Come Home , an oldie but goodie!

A love of open space(s)

Thanks to Jake last night for playing us “A love from outer space” from A.R. Kane  which a certain Mr Weatherall cites as an influence. A great tune and I didn’t realise it was from that long ago! And another recommendation was this one from Kaito. As Rodigan would say “Big tune!” Big up to Anna and Jake!

Tripping the light fantastic

Dustin not justin, ok?

Andrew Weatherall – The White Light Mixes – White Light 74

Here’s a deep little mix to listen to while getting a little introspective reading the small print on the back of the seed catalogue/bank statements. A well ambient selection from the DJ who is also a secret radish grower so I’ve been told. Features a couple of nice tracks by Dustin O’Hallaran (above) and touches of Suicide and Morricone in there too, moody!

In a different stylee…

Radio Dada and it goes something like this…

A big cheers to Will for telling us about the programme last night on BBC 6 Music with Terry Farley talking and selecting records with Andrew Weatherall as well as giving a potted history of London’s clubland. Some great tunes and some great stories and it’s up on the web for six more days if you fancy it.

All the talk about youth cults and fanzines on the show brought me back to the time I produced my first fanzine many many moons ago. Here’s an excerpt from it; a letter I wrote to the local paper complaining about the latest youth cult at that time. I was appalled!