Can you pass the ham radio test?

Tune in to DJ Frederick’s Radio Lavalamp on Sunday 12th July at 2200 UTC (11pm UK time) on 3955 kHz via Channel 292. The transmission will feature amongst other things One Deck Pete with a mix called The Purple Nucleus of Creation 001 featuring Carlos Pizzetti, Zane Moss, Julie Østengaard, Mahamboro, Blundetto and this great tune below from 100th Monkey.

Tune in to Radio Lavalamp, your ethereal shortwave music station on 3955.
#shortwavesnotdead #radiolavalamp #Thepurplenucleusofcreation001

How’s life in London?

It’s sweltering and it’s not even 12 noon yet! We’ve got KFAI on and tuned into the Echo Chamber and listening to the last few tunes of the programme played by DJ Baby Swiss AKA CAPNCOZY (who co-hosts with the one and only Dr Strangedub) and this one by Kliment & Tuatara called Super Moon was just played. Perfect for weather like this!

And through the magic of amplitude modulation…

Here’s a recording off an online SDR of today’s One Deck Pete’s “Tunes to cheer you up” which was transmitted on Free Radio Skybird via Channel 292. This is the fifth episode in the series and this week it’s an exclusive of an early mix of a new tune from Jazz’min & Madtone with “Return to the branches”. Apologies for the non Hi-Fi quality but that’s what you get with that wireless thingy.

Our job on the side

We spent about an hour today clearing around the side bed at the end of the decking towards the pond, right up to the part where we cleared yesterday. There’s a blueberry (the left of the above pic) that has been swamped by that horrible purple plant for a long while now and as we’ve thinned the stuff around it we should see some progress even though they should be in acidic soil not our London clay soil. There’s still a bit to do under the variegated hebe and there’s loads of the creeping plant behind it but we reckon we’re doing okay. The weather’s supposed to be nice tomorrow so we’ll be cracking on.

And there’s life from the celery, god know’s what’s going to happen to it but it’s growing! There’s a link here that shows you how you can do it even though we didn’t suspend over water, we just stuck it in the raided bed! #ifitgrowsitgrows #gardeningduringlockdown

Veg watch – May 2018

Work in progress: the veg bed at the bottom of the garden from left to right, 2 rows of onions (red and white), seed potatoes, another row of onions (mixed) and three canes worth of french climbing beans and a heirloom pea called Tall Telephone (named after Alexander Graham Bell and one which grows well over 6ft!) Here’s to more good weather and veg progress!

Hurray, hurray, it’s potato day

Roots and ShootsSeed Potato andVegetable seed dayThanks to Linda P from Roots and Shoots (Walnut Tree Walk, London SE11 6DN) for getting in touch and sending us more info on their Potato Day on Sunday 12th February from 11am-2pmAdmission is £5, concessions £2 with all funds going to Roots and Shoots.

There’s lots of good stuff going on with 60+ varieties of seed spuds for sale, onions and shallot sets, garlic, soft fruit, posies of flowers for Valentine’s Day at reasonable prices made by the students at Roots and Shoots and more.  

Sadly there won’t be a seed swap at this event as it’s the first time they have done something like this but they’re are going to see how well it goes this year and then if all goes well do the seed swap next year.

It’s looks like a great event for a good cause and at a brilliant venue not far from The Imperial War Museum. After you’ve been at the venue for a short while you’ll forget you’re even in London. Hopefully see you there!

Sucker for a sunflower

massive sunflowersWe’re a sucker here for a packet of seeds, plant or bulb that’s advertised as rare, unusual or giant, and a few weeks ago we bought some Mongolian Giant Sunflowers on ebay. The blurb said “These sunflowers are monsters which grow up to 15 feet tall with enormous heads of up to 20 inches in diameter.” Once we read that, our paypal details were disclosed in a flash.

We’ll be onto trading standards if ours doesn’t reach the dizzy heights of the picture above but we only sowed the seed the other day and this is what it’s like now. We’ll keep you posted…tall, tall, tall

The punk/goth gardening connection

Punk London 40 years of subversive culture Lilly

Lily name of the month award goes to “Eyeliner” found in Shannon’s this week. This is nothing to do with the year-long Punk London celebrations is it?

Talking of which, we’ve just found out there’s a fungus called Punk. Brilliant stuff! What next, an Shallot called Suedehead?A plant called Punk

It came from under the earth

WTFLast November I bought a mad looking corm/bulb type thing at Shannon’s for around £7. I loved the look of it at the time and also knowing it would grow into a 6ft high monster made me think, “I’ve got to have one of those!” But for the life of me, I can’t remember what it was called. Any ideas?

Well I’d forgotten all about the bulb until last week when I noticed this poking through the earth in one of the came from under the earthThen in the space of a week, it’s grown into this. It reminds me of those things that came out of the spacecraft in the old version of The War Of The Worlds. Madness!Growing from under the earth

The day of the triffids

WTFI popped into Shannon’s yesterday and treated myself to some onion sets and garlic to overwinter in the garden and I bought one of these bulbs. I can’t remember what the flower actually is but I know it will grow into a 6 foot monster. Not bad for £7 odd. I will update you when it sprouts! Mad is not the word and very halloween.