Sound quality that won’t cheer you up

Here’s today’s recording straight off the shortwaves of One Deck Pete’s “Tunes to cheer you up (3)”. The third tune in the series is Omeria with True Colors on the excellent Cafe De Anatolia. The label serves up some quality stuff, unlike radio conditions today!

Midnight is the new 10pm

It was lovely today, a bit hot at times but a good day to be out in the garden. We did something a little different, we went out there with no plans, just a broom, a hoe and pair of secateurs and see what jobs hit us at the time.

The pond is teeming with life at the moment, there’s hundreds of tadpoles and as you can see in the pic above there was something going on at the side as loads of them were flocking to that area, even the goldfish wanted to join in! A few water lily leaves and a couple of oxygenating plants were thinned out (and left on top of the netting for a while so if anything living was still on them, they wouldn’t have far to travel home.)

And we ripped off the polythene, cloches and bricks around the raised beds and stuck some bamboo canes in for that “established veg garden” look (even though it weren’t like that earlier today.) Everything is coming on nicely and some of the potato plants have even flower buds! Fingers crossed no more frost alerts as the protective polythene and old bed sheets have now been put out for the binmen!

By the way we have a new enemy at the moment, a crafty magpie who swoops in on a evening to rob the cat’s food just by the kitchen door. Who’d have thought it, the cheeky so and so! #gardeninginlockdown

And to accompany the writing of this gardening post the latest (64) This is a music show is playing with a great load of stuff as per mostly off CD but quality music all the same!


Radio connects us all, don’t it?

Here’s today’s recording of One Deck Pete’s “Radio connects us all” mix off an online SDR which was transmitted via Channel 292 earlier. Added percussion, noises and fading effects thanks to the groundwave propagation and that thing called the ionosphere. Tune in and drop out!

Essential lockdown shortwave listening

Here’s last week’s excellent This is a Music Show with some great stuff on it from Tortoise, Stereolab and Aphex Twin and lots more. And it’s all in something called Comb Stereo too! A show well worth tuning into to as per. A big shout to “Your host” and also Daz Man for the nice SDR recording.

And here’s this Sunday’s episode of Free Radio Skybird in a clean audio preview style. It’s a well interesting mix up with Justin Patrick Moore’s tribute to Genesis Breyer P-Orridge in the Radiophonic Laboratory (at 24 mins in), One Deck Pete with “Radio connects us all” (35 mins in) with some great tunes from Sasskia, Mokka and Camille Murray and at 46 mins in we have Shane Quentin from the Garden of Earthly Delights radio show who brings us a lesson in “Radio Re-flex-ology” with the likes of F.C. Judd G2BCX, Ronnie Bond, The Pixies and Barry Blue.

Music will see us through these mad times, it really will.

One alternative to lockdown lunacy

This Sunday coming 26th April 2020, DJ Frederick’s Free Radio Skybird will be broadcasting another show in its weekly spring run at 1100 UTC (1200 UK) on 6070 kHz via Channel 292. 

This week’s episode features Justin Patrick Moore’s Radiophonic Laboratory and One Deck Pete’s “Radio connects us all” mix featuring Patrick McGoohan, Sasskia, Mokka and Camille Murray. We’ve also the debut of Shane Quentin from the excellent Garden of Earthly Delights radio show who’s bringing us a bit of “Radio Re-flex-ology”.

Tune in using your shortwave radio in the 49 Metre band on 6070 kHz or by using the link here. It’s going to be one interesting hour!

What you can actually do in ten seconds

A big shout to Gerry Hectic who told us about this compilation when they were originally looking for contributors. This compilation has over 200 10-second tracks and is released by ATTN:Magazine here. What’s great about it is that ALL proceeds from the sale of the set are donated to the charity Cool Earth who work alongside rainforest communities to halt deforestation and climate change.

There’s ten seconds from a variety of sources including Gerry Hectic, Justin Patrick Moore and Madtone amongst many many others! Cheers to Jack Chuter for including our track!

Best job done in a long while

We’d been putting it off for a couple of days and it’s finally done, the bed by the pond is cleared of that purple horrible flowered thing that was taking over (though we left a bit behind the hebe). To say we’re chuffed is an understatement! It took us a good few hours and it was hard work but we were entertained with birdsong and the sound of a constantly croaking frog from the pond!

And here’s the latest instalment of Free Radio Skybird that’s to be broadcast on Easter Monday at 1100 UTC (12 Noon UK) on 6070 kHz via Channel 292. It’s features a host of great stuff including Justin Patrick Moore’s Radiophonic Laboratory at 24.08 and One Deck Pete’s “Tunes to cheer you up” at 36.55 with Funk Reverse with “In & Out” (DJ Moy’s dub version). Listen to the show here or tune in Monday with a shortwave radio or using an online SDR here.