We don’t want no more co-channel interference

Here’s the studio recording of One Deck Pete’s “Sunspot minimum but the music’s maximum mix” which was transmitted on Free Radio Skybird on the 5th October 2019. (No recording off the airwaves this time due to poor quality signal and co-channel interference.)

Froth Whitlam – “Sheeba”
Dasya – “Tango on the Street”
Andre J Kwenda – “Umbali”
Madtone – “Diamond in the sky” first worldwide play on shortwave radio.

And if you’re longing to hear a bit of distorted audio here’s what Madtone’s “Diamond in the sky” sounded like recorded off an online SDR in Carlow, Ireland. Additional percussion thanks to co-channel interference from Radio China International and fades and noise courtesy of the E and F layers of the Ionosphere.

Sunday’s programming today

Here’s the studio recording of this month’s Free Radio Skybird which will be transmitted on shortwave via www.channel292.de this Sunday 1st September at 1900 utc (8pm UK time). If you want to hear it via the ionosphere get those shortwave radios tuned in to 6070 khz or use the online software defined radio via channel 292 here.

The hour long broadcast features Justin Patrick Moore’s Radiophonic Laboratory at 6.57 and Steve with Mini-indie radio at 44.34. Our very own One Deck Pete presents the Skybird Mailbag at 22.00 and also The Soothing sounds of shortwave mix at 34.09. The mix features tracks by About: Forest, Sonmi451, Adam Maalouf and Advait. Big thanks to DJ Frederick for having us on board!

Most of them (radio pirates) are quite normal people

DJ Frederick’s Free Radio Skybird returns to the shortwaves on Sunday September 1st 2019 via http://www.channel292.de/ on 6070 kHz at 1900 UTC (8pm UK time).

With a mixture of features and music, the hour transmission will include One Deck Pete’s “Soothing sound of shortwave”, Steve with Mini indie radio and Justin Patrick Moore from Sothismedias with another episode of the Radiophonic Laboratory.

Last month we had listeners in New Zealand, Northern Canada and Italy (QSL and soundclip here) to name but a few places. Come on, what’s better than listening to a radio broadcast with audio that has fading, co-channel interference and sounds like it had a journey via the ionosphere rather than something that’s been streamed in crisp dolby stereo? Who said shortwave radio is dead? #freeradioskybird #shortwavesnotdead #madtone

We wanna be free to do what we wanna do

DJ Frederick’s Free Radio Skybird returns to the shortwaves on Sunday August 4th 2019 via http://www.channel292.de/ on 6070 kHz at 1900 UTC (8pm UK time).

With a mixture of features and music, the hour transmission will include One Deck Pete’s “Soul on shortwave” and Justin Patrick Moore from Sothismedias with the first episode of the Radiophonic Laboratory. Pencil it in on your WH Smith wallplanner! #freeradioskybird

It’s (not) just the same old show on my radio

Big thanks to DJ Frederick for including Weeds’ One Deck Pete’s Sounds of the shortwave at 15.38 minutes in on today’s broadcast of Free Radio Skybird “Music and culture for shortwave listening”. It also features Madtone’s Interval Signal Jazz as their actual interval signal. We’re glad to be part of the FRS crew!

Above is Sounds of the shortwave via the shortwaves with all the radio wave action! #freeradioskybird #shortwavesnotdead

Don’t touch that dial!

DJ Frederick’s Free Radio Skybird returns to the shortwaves this Sunday June 9th via http://www.channel292.de/ on 6070 kHz at 1600 UTC (1700 UK time). With a menu of jazz, avant-garde, ambient, folk, rock, indie and more, the hour transmission will also feature One Deck Pete’s “second-hand shop classics and more” which includes a track from Madtone

The transmission is beamed via Channel 292 (Rohrbach, Germany) and can be received via a shortwave radio on 6070 kHz in most of Europe or via the Channel 292 website here. Tune in!